Monday, May 13, 2019

Babyboomer nails with flowers | Baby boomer french manicure with floral Nail Art Design

Here are baby boomer nails in a pink and white french manicure using only nail polish. I used white wetnwild polish and a french pink. I made sure it was really jacked up and then I decorated it with flowers to share a fact. You do NOT need expensive materials to stay on trend with nail art. You can do baby boomer french manis for pennies and then, add a beautiful pink floral or a hummingbird nail as an accent to cover your mistakes and make a design that looks all your own. I ask you please give me credit if you try this and are successful. Not for me, but for others who are searching for real content about nail art and are coming up empty. I describe each nail art design in detail and have over 1,500 full length nail art tutorials that increase your speed and make your nail career more lucrative. Here is the baby boomer nail tutorial using pink and white polish

This design looks uneven and pure fear strikes the new nail tech when everything isn't perfect. So take my advice and breathe. Let go of perfection and follow me

Add pink cherry blossoms to your baby boomer french mani for a crisp, clean spring nail art look that never goes out of style and costs next to NOTHING to create. You can make more money at your place of employment or have fun painting for friends and family. Please test your skills by trying them. Hashtag me #inspiredbyrobinmoses when you do so I can see them and you can show you support this craft that is being crushed under the weight of false tutorials and product pushers.
I love a good product as much as anyone but you don't need them to start. People think I am against products, but I am not. I am against being bombarded by them at the beginning when you are scared. You believe these 'things' will help you, but it is really your practice that will help you the most if you are taking this career seriously and I do. I have and I have found lots of success and a waiting list for years by using this technique alone.
To be able to paint what you love, like this hummingbird on baby boomer nails that are dripping in cherry blossoms, is a type of freedom I cannot explain other than it is magic. You become bigger than your job. You are more than just a nail tech. You find a sense of peace and self confidence without realizing it and you become very special to those around you who love art. Please share this. Please let women who are struggling know I am making these for them. That I need other people to succeed because I don't have time to fit everyone in. My goal is to get this art into as many shops as possible so you can charge a little more/a little less...feel better and have more fun. You can take more time off because others can fit your clients in when you need YOUR time. I can NEVER  take time off because not a lot of people do my work. I am screaming this into the universe. You got this! DONT BE AFRAID!

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