Monday, May 16, 2011

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here, anaarthur81 and i do "neon daisies"
anas tutorial here:

i love ana because she has a penchant for the macabre and the skill of a seasoned craftsman twice her age. her art and beauty inspire me and i am so excited to work with her on this design. i hope you check out her channel and subscribe if you love art and the love of makeup and what it can do!

my most sincere thanks to everyone to watches, tries this look and has fun! if you do copy please say you were inspired by robin moses and ana arthur and show us!!!! my love to you guys!!!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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so, today i was sitting here thinking about everything and then again i was thinking about nothing. i have too many things going on at once but at the same time, everything is coming together. i have done some wonderful interviews.....and feel more exposed but i dont care. i know it will help other girls and in turn lead me to my goal of showing my art. its so funny because my art is so under wraps...i CANT show it right now........and it makes me nervous. i wish i could show MORE....all in time i guess. i want to always say thank you but never have enough time to say thank you and to the people i really want to say thank you to most......but again, in  have to create a calm in this medium..its all so chaotic and i didnt know anything about what i was doing and my answers and thank you's are so scattered and in so many, i just thought i would write that i am keeping faith and looking forward only.  oh, here is the interview. i met the nicest person.....a london wright. such a nice person. i hope he does well. is another video i put up today instead of deleting it..i delete a lot of designs and for some reason i just kept this one...i donno why. my love and thanks to everyone.