Friday, May 29, 2015

#imoangel Nail Art up for Friday in support of Beauty in ANY size, shape and color!

Nail Art Tutorial | DIY Splatter Paint & Feather Nails | Im No Angel Nail Design

I could write a novel on this subject, but having to grow up in society over 300 pounds most of my life and up to as high as 420 lbs, I never had a choice for clothing unless it was polka dotted in clown colors and had stirrups on the legs of the paints in bright purple. Lane Bryant is doing a campaign in support of women like I am ... completely imperfectly perfect and beautiful as is. The campaign is called #imnoangel and although my blog is tiny, maybe someone will find it that doesnt know about it and see that mainstream IS changing.

I remember having to buy sweatpants from a big and tall mans clothing store to get 4x.  had to sew and alter everything because i didnt want to look or feel worse than I already did.  Today, I have successfully kept 220 lbs off for over 8 years now and my client Juicy is down 180+ by now. We support each other. I help her understand that this is not a race, its a marathon and even if our bodies arent perfect, we can still achieve great things. She teaches me that I shouldnt be scared to dress and feel pretty, she takes time to really look glamorous every day and I just never felt I deserved that.

So here is a bit of why we are all in for #imnoangel and what it represents. Even after losing my weight, keeping it off, walking every single day of my life, eating healthy, no drugs, no alcohol----nothing.....I still dont fit into anything by Victorias Secret. and now I never want to. Thanks Lane Bryant and my love to everyone out there in the struggle!!!


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Friday, May 22, 2015

Here is a wonderful Hawaiian Vacation Getaway Nail Art Design even If you never leave the baby pool!!

Nail Art Tutorial | Tropical Nails | Hawaiian Sunset & Palm Tree Nail Design

Here is the perfect hawaiian design. You can use any mix of blues you like and any black polish for the tips. the fun in this design is the trees and the sharpie pen extras!! Remember to use very thin paint by adding water to make the trees and to have fun!

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 Nail Art Tutorial | Sharpie Nails !!! | Hibiscus Sea Turtle Nail Design

 Here is a way (in a sea of ways) to create art on nails without as many problems. I saw that people were breaking open sharpies to create techniques and had to begin my techique I have been using to so many years that has helped me save time before you crack that pen open!!! Try this first and when its almost out of ink, THEN crack it open and sponge away! Have fun drawing and making beauty on your nails!



Robin Moses


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sharpie pens used for Lavender vintage flower nail art design for beginners tutorial up today!

 Nail Art Tutorial DIY Sharpie Nails | Vintage Purple Flower Nail Design

Up today is a nail design I have done using paints and today I am using a sharpie pen to cut my time in half with messing around with newsprint. I love this hack and will continue to create enhancements that make nail art easier and faster wherever I can so you guys can have more fun! I know beginner nail artists can tackle this design and win with very little practice! have fun painting nails!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

No Water Marble with Handpainted accents make for a perfect rainbow springtime mani!

Neon Rainbow Marble Nails! - No Water needed Nail Art Tutorial

Here is a very hot design where you need speed and practice but it is so worth it! Here is how I practice below. The key to everything is having fun. Having fun with this allows you to laugh at mistakes, forgive yourself and move to the next design. You need a client willing to be your test subject and laughs with you! Always ask your favorite clients if they would like to do that for you and give them extra time for free while you practice and tell them you work for  tips if your time is incredibly stretched because of kids. For example you could say "It costs me 10 dollars an hour for the baby sitter....would you be willing to pay that so we can practice something fun on your nails? . The kindest clients dont mind and if they have it, you can have your baby sitter and your practice time in! Have a great time painting and see ya back with more!


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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A fun nail art tutorial up for my Birthday! Birthday Suit Skinny Dipper Nail art done with sharpie pens and foil!

Nail Art Tutorial | DIY Birthday Suit Nails | Ocean Water Sharpie Pen Nail Design

So its my birthday and what better time to post a birthday suit? hhahahah This design is done with a sharpie pen, acrylic paint, foil, glitter and polish...a true multimedia event! LOL!!! I hope you guys try her, show me at my fanpage in the description box and have fun with all the different mediums you use to create such fun nails! These truly are fun and so popular to wear!!! Everyone will be grabbing your hands! Have a great day!!!!

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