Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ladybug Nail Design Tutorial

Here are "daisy nails" with Ladybugs! I have used Dazzledry's Polar Jade on the tips and added cute, red lady bugs all over to create a little cute spring or summer scene design on the nails. I hope you like them. Here are other ladybug designs i have done on nails!

Found in the "cute nails" playlist on youtube, i have done a few different designs using ladybugs using pink and blue backgrounds. I have even made 3d gel ladybugs and used the gel as stones when they harden in the lamp! very easy, cheap and fun technique for any nail artist, whether you are beginning nails or are wanting more education for your career, these nail designs will help improve your craft! 
 So, If you want to break off from the traditional red, white and blue nails this summer....try some ladybugs on blue! with the white daisies, they are patriotic nails that are also cute for the day after the fireworks are over!

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to fix a nail design when your client does not need a fill? "fixing nail art" "changing designs" "how to fix nails"

DIY Easy Hot Pink Nail Art Design | Summer Nails With Crystals Tutorial

Hello everyone!
I did a black and pink nail design with swarovski crystals and black filigree that as awesome, however, my client was finding it snagging on her work clothes! I had to fix it. so, I taped myself doing it and i uploaded it for you to learn! See what I did and know you can fix your clients up fast and make them happy! 

So, keeping on time with your clients and making them happy is always number one. This ensures you do that and with time to spare. My client who waited for this to get done was still on time and my other client got fixed in a jiffy! Please spread the word and subscribe to my channel for new nail art first ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Spotlight Nail Art | Geometric nails summer 2016 "summer nails 2016" "spotllight nails" "spotlight nail art" "neon spotlight" "spotlight design"

DIY Neon Spotlight Nails | Summer Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello Everyone!
Here is a spotlight nail art design tutorial that you can do easily with practice. It is a sponge technique and is a design that can have many flaws and be fixed easily. This is a nail design perfect for clients who love bright and wild designs that are also simple enough to go with everything. I call designs like these 'stars' because they work and shine for anyone, anywhere. They are special. So, try them and show me! Here I used neon purple, neon pink, neon yellow. The neon yellow actually lifts the pink into orange and creates a rainbow nail effect but without the added layers. the sponge makes them dry quickly and effortlessly while you do the geometric work on top. I am happy to present you today with "spotlight nails" and will see you back with more this summer as I am making it one of my nail trends for 2016. Love and respect.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rainbow No water Marble Nail Art Design Tutorial "orlando nail art" "orlando nails" "no water marble" "water marble nails" "rainbow nails"

No Water Needed - Marble nail art Tutorial
Here is a no water done in rainbow colors. A technique that once learned is endless with its possibilities. I am posting this today for support and with love to the families affected in Orlando. In the city, I worked in a salon that became one of the first beauty salons that was created and catered to gay and lesbians in Las Vegas. During that time, I saw the intense struggle. The intense hatred and constant internal and external fight most had to go through to live their lives. I learned how absolutely abhorrent people act toward a community of people so full of love.  I learned so much in my experience working in that shop and I was so sad to leave that shop. Some of my happiest memories and most lessons learned happened there. I think of my friends, my family, my life and my heart goes out to Orlando today and I cannot take away one ounce of pain, but I can hope my love is felt somewhere and shared in place of the hatred and we can built up our world, not tear it apart.