Friday, April 29, 2016

Rosegold Nails. How to paint Roses Nail Art Designs and a Tutorial

DIY Rosegold Nails | Gold Gliter Roses Nail Art Design Tutorial

Rosegold hair is such a huge trend here right now and what better to go with it than a rosegold mani? Roses and rose gold glitter  like in OPI: celestial is more, OPI: infrared-y to glow
and OPI: humidi-tea make your job a little easier but any gold glitter, nude polish and peachy mauve and rose nail art craft paint can make it happen for pennies! This tutorial for doing roses will not only teach you to paint roses and open you up to a whole world of possibilities, it also can be very suble. Just one rose and one glitter nail and you are perfect for prom, a wedding, spring in general, a music event like coachella or anywhere you want to look chic, hip and on trend with what is blazing hot. So try them and SUBSCRIBE!! Leave me a comment and always thumbs up your favorite videos to support my channel and always be the first to see my new art to learn and share. Have FUN painting roses, they are not hard!!! If you are struggling, rewind, keep going and dont give up and know that practice is the key but having fun is the deeper meaning. :D Have fun painting your nails!
Robin Moses
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Prom Nail Art Designs 2016 Full Length Tutorials for Formal Nails

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Here is a list of 60+ nail art designs perfect for prom. If you are a beginner at nail art or an advanced nail tech, here is a playlist full of ideas to get you started, keep you going or inspire you to start! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Page by clicking here Robin Moses Nail Art Tutorials so you never miss a design! Join me at Facebook Robin Moses Facebook Fanpage where I upload new designs every day with pictures and FULL LENGTH tutorials attached and am always updating or taking you back to old, fun designs! SHOW ME your work if you try them at my instagram page: robinmosesnailart just hashtag me and I will see them! xoxoxo
Have a great Prom for 2016 and have fun with your nail art! Please be careful and make your special night memorable!
The Nail Art Wizard