Sunday, January 22, 2012

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. how do i clean my brush, what do you charge, what are foils, where do i buy glue, what are pigments? where do i buy the foil? where do i buy brushes? why is my polish bubbling? HOW do i use eye shadow eyeshadow on my nails? how do i make nail art with eyeshadow? using eyeshadow on nails. etc.




for those of you who follow me a lot, please pass this link to any new girl trying to find the answers if i havent answered them. it helps me a lot and might inspire someone to  keep trying instead of giving up. i know i cannot do it, if you can...just pop this link for them and it would just be super cool if you do :D:D:D

my love to you guys :)

for your questions for how to use eyeshadow on your nails, please go to my faq link. it shows you how to use the "best glue ever" what it is, how it holds the shadow, what to expect and how to get the best, most long lasting results. everything you need to know about how to use eyeshadow in your nail art is here...i call eye shadow or eyeshadow "pigments". pigments are all eyeshadows and can be used as body glitter, lipgloss glitter, eyeshadow, or nail art enhancements...they are universal and can be bought at the mac counter, at bare escentuals counter, at the drugstore under "jessies girl" or "nyc" or "wet and wild" any compact high pigmented eyeshadow will work and i fully recommend you try it! also, you can buy glue at for other nail art adhesive (you need the glue for it to stick properly and last) what is special about foil or pigment glue adhesive dries clear and very sticky and picks up pigment and keeps it shiny and on the nail for you to work on youru designs. :D

good luck!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


my mom made it through her 9 hour surgery and will be in the hospital for quite a while, but she is doing very well and i want to thank everyone for all of the email and well wishes and prayers from all over the world this last week, it made a huge difference in my moms spirit and mine as well.  thank you all so much :D

the nail art wizard :D aka......NAW.

Friday, January 20, 2012

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Im sexay and I know it retro holo rainbow …  (eyeshadow nail art!) here i used inaz glamrock eyeshadow found at inaz cosmetix on facebook!

  I'm sexay and I know it rainbow graphic ab…  (doing your nails with eyeshadow) here i used mac and many other eyeshadows to form this eyeshadow nailart nail design!

  Im sexay and I know it pink zebra stripe na…  here is used eyeshadow MAC REFLECTS PINK to create this nail art design!

glitter star rainbow bombs, laser light nails with rainbow pigments and glitters and super shiny pink zebra striped gum inspired nail art (remember that zebra striped gum, i wonder if they make it still?) when i did those nails, i kind of smelled that gum in my that weird? heh

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Im Sexay and I Know it Pink and Silver Gr… 

  Im Sexay and I Know It WILD ANIMAL PRIN… 


"Friday I'm In Love"

professionalDQ and i are doing another, less formal collaboration. it is called "friday im in love" and it happens on friday, February 3. what you will do is make a valentine type of tutorial and name it "FRIDAY IM IN LOVE" ---then "video respond" to our "friday im in love" videos and see who else does it and respond to THEIR videos and we respond to your videos and so on and so on......what it does allows us to meet and see other nail artists. it allows us to get other nail artists seen and hopefully promote the creative and new artists who are starting out. it is a hugely fun time and i love seeing all of the art. i will have a playlist made called friday im in love and all videos shared with me will automatically be uploaded to that playlist. with our "let it snow" collaboration, over 100 nail and makeup artists participated and it was so much fun. it was so great to see how many people got involved and did beautiful things, so i very much encourage you to participate and spread the word  to others who might want to participate as well.

"miss professional nail"

i have been selected to work with miss pro nail to launch their new line of "sation" nail polishes. i am very excited to try them and work with them and just be a part of their new polish line. when i first began nails, i couldnt afford high end polishes and i remember buying "sation" polishes and being SO GRATEFUL for them for making good polish that was beautiful and inexpensive for me. when they approached me, i had to say yes. i feel very honored and excited and very nostalgic lately. i remember the first time i used their polish actually. it was mixing 24k gold and topping it with bordeaux and making a deep candy apple seems like an eternity ago.

Friday, January 13, 2012

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VALENTINES DAY NAILS "so sick": robin m…

easy valentines day nail art tutorial: robin… 

here are cute soft rainbow wallpaper heart designs and long french manicure with a pink life line that reads "so sick" up for friday. these are from last year that i could not get up in time and are shot with a lower quality camera. please forgive the quality! as always, please help spread the word and tell all other nail art lovers about me and if you copy ANY artist, please say "inspired by__________" whoever inspired you. (my art is all copyrighted) --but!--it is important to do this because it will build a great art community here online where we can all share and have a great time doing nail art that stays fresh instead of copied and stolen with bitter feelings. :) my love to you!

robin :D 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012