Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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 Easy Christmas Nail Art
Holiday Nail Art Bling

Here are some Christmas designs on nails to start off the season. Here is a link to 114 christmas nail art tutorials for you to learn here: CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST! please spread the word, the videos and the art to all you know who want to learn a craft or might need direction or something to bring them joy. Please show me if you try the art at @robinmosesnailart on facebook! My love to everyone sharing the word!

 betty boop christmas!
 christmas camo nail art!
 christmas candle nail art
 christmas candy cane nails all found in my christmas playlist!
christmas playlist!!!
 Candy Cane nail art!
 Candy Cane Christmas nail designs!
 Cute Penguin Nail Art for Christmas!
 Candy Stripes and christmas lights! Nail art for the holidays! :D


Monday, November 25, 2013

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 Fall Flower Nail Art
Fall Nail Art

Here are nails for fall with pine cones and abstract fall leaves and also another with shimmery fall colors and flowers. I hope you enjoy them. please spread the word and Ill see you back with more!!! *love and respect!*

 click here for playlist!
Fall playlist FULL of nail art ideas for the holiday season. Thanksgiving Nail Art ideas, Parties and all things autumn!

 found in the dark playlist. fall birds

 found in the steampunk playlist, fall hearts and cogs

 found in the diva playlist: abstract fall diva swag designs for long nails!

 fall glam nail art

 fall chevron with bling

soft fall animal print in soft browns and pinks.


Friday, November 22, 2013

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 Fall Fairy Nail Art
Elegant Fall Nail Art Eyeshadow Technique

for more fall ideas please see my fall playlist (some of the pics from that playlist below)
Fall Nail Art Playlist and Gallery of Nail Art and Tutorials

 fall nail art playlist here
 cute fall nails
 pretty fall nail art
 glam fall nail art for weddings or for parties
 amazing fall nail art ideas
 fun nail art tutorials for the fall
 "thanksgiving nail art"
fall playlist full of tutorials and designs here

gorgeous nail art for fall and the christmas season
fall leaves nail art
smokey fall trendy nails

Thursday, November 21, 2013

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 retro elegant nail art! learn how! ALL OF THESE CAN BE FOUND IN THE ELEGANT PLAYLIST
 Nude filigree nail art
 delfts blauw nail art
 pink and purple filigree nail art
 elegant gold and white nail art
 elegant black gothic wedding nail art
 indian wedding nail art
 green geometric nail art
 girl with the pink hair nail art
 black and grey nail art on white polish
 cute purple flower nail art
 no water marbling nail art technique All of these can be found if you click here in the flowers or the elegant playlist
 white lace tip french manicure hand painted custom nail art
 pink and black party girl nail art
 beautiful leaves on pink nails
 holiday ribbons perfect for christmas parties and holiday nail art!
 reverse french manicure with hanging silver acccents. beautiful nail art for any occasion
 50's inspired nail art
 retro 40's inspires reverse french manicure nail art in black and silver
 teal blue filigree nail art
 the two sisters renoir inspired nail art. Famous painting portraits to go gaga over
 beautiful vine nail art that is perfect for any occasion. easy and fast nail art ideas here:
white butterfly nail art that is elegant and timeless for weddings, parties or any occasion where you want to be noticed. please subscribe to my youtube channel link here: new art up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Please spread the word and join my army of nail artist who share and care about art!