Monday, June 27, 2011

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watermelon tutorial
CUPCAKE tutorial
4th of july tutorial

From the desk of Robin Moses

giving away your techniques and your life long dedication to a craft is hard. emotionally, physically, mentally..........i cant talk and paint at the same time very well, i am distracted thinking of other things when i paint. when i paint i usually wear headphones in one ear so i can tune out. i  paint so fast i am not even thinking about what i am doing. to go back in to the world as a noob has given me a glance into what it was to sit at my first manicurist desk, be on par with new girls just out of school. the dirty looks, the mean comments, the whispers and then the friendships and ----the deep sighs of relief when they found out i didnt want to take anything from them. this has ALWAYS been a part of my life. this new adventure online has made me take note of HOW im painting. i never really have put INTO WORDS how i paint....why i paint...what i paint.....i never really considered it painting at is my job and mostly i laugh, and listen. this is the first time in my life i have talked and NOT been listening. in my real life, i talk serious shit. my mouth is filthy. i talk about the most random topics and quotations and things ive heard about weird things ive heard about things i know about things i dont know..

what i know is that MOSTLY, I LISTEN.....i know learning this 'online system' of real life, you can confront someone who is mean or ask them why or when you say thank you....people can HEAR if your thank you is you are forced to stay silent, here, if you say thank you 10000 times, it sounds contrived.

this teaches you control. if you have 1million viewers...what kind of control is there? do you still need it? if i get it, will i want it? will i need it? does any of it matter? i mean, its just watermelons on fingernails, right?


Friday, June 24, 2011

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ANAS epic makeup tutorial HERE! (SUBSCRIBE TO HER!!)

fingernail modification FOR XBOX 360 "rapid fire" mod HERE
anyone who knows me, knows that mostly everything i have is modified with acrylic and paint etc. the laptop im typing on is modified because of a design flaw. the table im typing on is modified because the wheel had a design flaw....everything has design flaws and i like to problem solve using fingernails and kidding..but being serious and here is one mod here. enjoy and subscribe....pass the word and help me retire .... :) my love and thanks and see you monday ----stay fabulous

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From the desk of Robin Moses


     I would like to say that my Facebook page is full.  My forum being built and will be directly linked to  We will DROP and take off running from there and until then, please meet me here, my YOUTUBE and my FANPAGE .  The production of my forum has been slowed but not halted and should be up soon.


Post script: I do not like the word "fan"

Friday, June 17, 2011

THE RIDDLER blue and silver nail art tutorial. riddle nail art. TROPICAL SUNSET WITH DOLPHINS nail art design, SEXY SUMMER SPIDERWEB orange and silver nail art design

so, my forum will be up soon. i feel it. tons going on, so much i could say......i never know what TO say......but lots going makes me humble and very grateful. please you guys, keep passing my name and when you use what i have taught, please say: "inspired by robin moses" is working and so many young artists are finding me and learning! i am so happy. my love to you guys. here are my designs for friday, have a great weekend. :)

Robin Moses

"what" tutorial here :)
for the tropical sunset tutorial CLICK HERE lol

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

black and gold leopard print red hot kiss ATTACK nail art design tutorial, PINK AND BLACK burlesque corset nail art tutorial, sexy STEAMPUNK corset nail art

okay.......heheheheehheeh so! an guys are killing me with your requests to see my daughter is home for a partial summer break from college and she is bugging me to do it too. it makes me laugh. also, one of my idols asked me to do their nails for a convention and i am so excited. also, im going into a few more, all and all its been a wonderful week of forum should be up this weekend which makes me super happy.....just one link, every day, all the lovely is THAT gonna be? whooohooooo!!!!! have a great day! tutorials up for wednesday...saucy.

leopard print kiss attack tutorial
burlesque steampunk corsets

Monday, June 6, 2011

blue flower nail art design, purple flower nail art design, hippie rainbow flower nail art design, pink daisy flower nail art design, sprintime flower nail art design tutorials up for spring flower show

PLEASE NOTE: i have combined all of my flowers into one new playlist called FLOWERS  (click here to view playlist) if you are looking to learn to paint any flowers whatsoever, go to that playlist and you will find any flower imaginable, i will be uploading new flowers to it all of the time. and as always, if you use my tutorials, please say simply "inspired by robin moses"  somewhere in the description so that i can get my name out and reach my goals to paint canvasses and show them all over the world, that is why i am teaching nail art, i am passing it down to the next generation of girls who would love to, with that said, on with monday!!!!!!