Monday, August 22, 2011

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smurfs and smurfette nail art tutorial link here!
GOOGLE EYE NAILS (Louboutin "deja vu slingback inspired) tutorial here (click here)
"the christian louboutin "deja vu" slingback fall 2011

when i saw the deja vu sling back pumps by christian louboutin i gave pause and thought of what a genius he is. being in my business, the glitter and bling and hugely oversized bangle, baubles and dangles have just been so over the top that when i saw the eyes, those eyes!!, i felt as if argos himself were making fun of me. i usually dont have an opinion one way or another regarding trends or whats "in" i just flow with what comes and go... but this particular design resonated with me. it taunts you to look deeper......beneath the 30 cent google eyeballs is probably some of the most well crafted leatherwork in the world--- by a man who has dedicated his life to line, artistry, craftsmanship and beauty....i adore him as a creator of art and i thought i would add this silly paragraph. i had to immediately create a "wear-a-long" and am excited to see if this trend stretches out or if it cuts .....what kind of taffy is the universe pulling??----i wonder.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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pink nails covered in diamonds tutorial
my sketches for juicy's birthday nails so matched the a photo that the queenofblending posted by "Linda Hallbarg" (here is linda hallbergs blog )i had to show how well these would go together!!! you could create your own sunburst crystal goddess look from head to toe! to visit thequeenofblending and i will keep you posted on "Linda Hallbarg" as i learn more :D

naked man on the beach nail art

Monday, August 15, 2011

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lotus blossom flower nail art
fire woman nail art tutorial
breakdancing nail art tutorial

from the desk of robin moses


here is a note i pass from time to time that really is helpful and something all new artists should know. if you try any of my work, please say "inspired by robin moses"
(or whoevers word inspires you!!!)
    MY designs are registered with the library of congress. saying "inspired by robin moses" will not infringe upon that copyright. however, THAT is all i will ever ask!!!-- just to say "inspired by robin moses" for ALL i teach and give to you and that gets my name out in the world to reach my goals.
    i say this from time to time because new artists do not know to say this. it is the right thing to say who inspires you. it helps the dedicated artists who are working hard to be seen and trying so hard to be discovered. i work from a database of 1000's of my own designs right now, but when i am done with that, i definitely want to work on (and give credit to) a list of artists here online that have inspired me. there is so much talent and wonderful girls online. not many can afford to copyright their work. i am going to try to send this message out from time to time and i hope you do is 'the nice and RIGHT thing to say'
   it is not a bad thing to copy art!!!!! is the highest honor for all people involved. it also makes you great friends and creates a wonderful environment to expand, today i put out a thank you to all who have done this for me now and in the future, please spread THIS advice as far as you can so all artists who are creative have a chance to rise in this medium. :) my love and respect always :)

robin moses.

P.S. know that not abiding by this law suffers up to $200,000 PER infringement. that is no joke! to avoid it ALL just say: "inspired by robin moses"....and you dont know WHO is copyrighted, so its best to always say who and what inspired you ALWAYS.  if you would like your art registered and copyrighted with the library of congress visit: to get all of the details!!!!

MY LOVE TO YOU.....:) protect yourself and your work as best as you can and help others who cannot by doing this small deed, copyrighted or not..

Friday, August 12, 2011

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gold peacock nail design
the whole pink peacock nail art design
peacock nails in green

and as an added bonus: doing your daughters nails

bonus: painting my clients daughters nails while mom's peacock nails are in the dryer. simple and beautiful nail art that is fast and lovely.

here are a slew of peacock nail tutorials i have put together for this week.

For all of you interested in Greek mythology, here is the story of how the peacock got it's decorative tail:

Zeus was married to Hera, however, he fell in love with Io.  Zeus had turned Io into a beautiful white bovine to hide her true identity from Hera.  Zeus feared the intensity of Hera's jealousy and tried to hide himself and the heifer he loved by wrapping the earth in a dense cloud, thick enough to create constant night.  With daylight suddenly missing from the earth, Hera knew that her obtuse husband was up to something.  Searching the heavens to no avail, she descended to earth, ordering the cloud away.  She found Zeus beside the white heifer, claiming he just discovered the newly born cow.  Hera knew that Zeus was lying to her, but played his bluff and asked for the cow as a gift.  Zeus felt terrible doing it, but he knew that Hera would suspect something if he didn't concede.  He reluctantly turned Io over to his wife, and Hera knew exactly what to do to keep Io away from him.
Enter Argus.
Hera recruited Argus to guard the heifer. He had a hundred eyes and could sleep  while always leaving some eyes open, making him the perfect watchman.  Zeus writhed as misery engulfed his love.  Io had been turned into a cow, taken from her home, and now trapped under Hera's orders.  Unable to withstand Io's anguish, Zeus called on Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and informed him to find a way to kill Argus and set Io free.  Hermes was extremely clever, shedding all his godly paraphernalia and went to Argus in the guise of a country fellow.  Hermes decide to make a pipe of reeds his luring weapon of choice and played music close enough to draw Argus' attention.  Argus found the music most pleasing and invited Hermes to sit beside him to play music for him.  

The music however did not cause repose as Hermes hoped.  Soon, Hermes stopped playing and began to talk and talk monotonously.  This was nowhere near as enjoyable to Argus and he soon found himself bored as Hermes droned on and on with his mundane stories.  The tale of Pan and Syrinx would finally lull Argus to sleep.  Once the hundredth eye had shut, Hermes struck, killing Argus in his slumber.
Io was set free, until Hera would turn on her again, plaguing her with gad-flies that stung her into madness.

In tribute to her trusted watchman, Hera took the eyes of Argus and set them to the tail of her favorite bird, the peacock.

story taken from Edith Hamilton's "Mythology", 1942

Monday, August 8, 2011

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black and purple daisy nail art
blue and white flower nail art
how to paint a hummingbird nail art
twinkle colorful neon bright star stars nail art design

a great addition by Lydian Flash added to my "top asked questions" link (to the left)

Lydian Flash : Master Nail Technician-- POSTED on Wall- -JUNE 18 2011
Those of you asking about Nail Art that I have told to get acrylic craft paint and to Check out Robin Moses.. Here are great videos with the basics... Color wheel, mixing colors, Brush choices and care, ...basic shapes and which brush to choose.
VIDEO- Every thing you get started.
VIDEO-Color Wheel... mixing colors
VIDEO-Practicing, learn to mix paint which brush to use and brush strokes...
VIDEO-Which brush to use and proper care
Robin Moses Tutorial Videos are awesome... These are the Basics.. I suggest you view her videos for more detailed designs... You will learn so much.... If you are inspired by her designs she asks that you say she inspired you when you post a picture. She loves to see the work see inspired. You can join Robin Moses on her Fan page...
Tell her I sent you...
Robin Moses -VIDEOS ARE HERE: New videos uploaded every mon, wed and friday! please tell everyone and link me up!!!
These are all the basics to get you started.. The other videos are more advanced but she is a great teacher.. At first watch the videos and focus on the main design,. Then as you feel more comfortable and get your time better you can add the more detailed aspects of the design and create your own masterpieces...
Hope this information is helpful.
Lydian Flash : Master Nail Technician

Monday, August 1, 2011

TAKING a weekend.

have you ever taken a weekend? once i forgot what time it was and missed them. another time i remembered too often and took them for granted. now i think of it like give, no take, just a rolling boil. i rode the red line all the way and back. then the yellow most of the way and back. started on the blue and decided against it. it took forever to leave it there.

"The most fascinating find by the scientists was that the same man – who they could tell was about 6 feet tall – drew throughout the cave because he left his red hand print all over, which revealed the same crooked finger over and over again."

madness! artistic splatter paint nail pink black blue purple nail art designs up for monday!

artistic splatter paint