Monday, November 28, 2011

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 monster high green girl, frankie stein: robin moses doll nail art tutorial 529
here is a monster high frankie stein design
and here is a starry starry night design using shimmermint mineralized pigments by MAC. i have been using eyeshadow in nail art since 1997. it enhances the design while it also adds dimension that you cannot really capture with a camera. i fully explain and do TONS of nail art designs USING EYESHADOW...please subscribe and see how i use many kinds of eyeshadows in nail art and look for tons of different techniques that make eyeshadow that much more fun..for nail art, lipgloss and more!
PLEASE if you copy, say "inspired by robin moses" or if you are inspired by any other artist, please say "inspired by _______" so we can give credit to each other and create a positive community full of designs that are continually evolving and growing without breaking apart from jealousy and hurt feelings. it is important to me and many other artists that you do this! my love to you guys :D:D more to come! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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both tutorials are found in my sports playlist: link are two cute sports nail designs for the football weekend and just for sport lovers in general. i hope you all have a wonderful holiday for those who celebrate it and for those who do not, just have a great weekend! please, if you watch the videos-- thumbs up them and favorite them to your youtube because youtube sees that you guys like them and they notice my channel more and make it more possible for other girls to find me who love art, so please help by doing those small things. :) my love to you guys!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

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hello! if you are watching my videos, please thumbs up, comment and favorite the videos you like. here is why. if i get lots of that type of activity, youtube is NICER to me...meaning my videos get featured more and then they find girls who want to learn and i am more exposed than if i get little activity. i dont like how some people beg all the time to do this, but i understand why now. if you are already watching, can you please just take a few extra seconds and do this, it really helps me achieve my goals and keep posting more. (this also is the case with the +1 thing below on this blog..the more +1's you get, the more your pics can be seen in engine, do this for everything you guys love and do it for me if you are already here and looking :) have a great day and see you wednesday with more!!! thank you guys so so much :D 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

the ray william johnson give away winner!

so, i got to send the bracelet i made of ray william johnson to denmark to the nicest girl ever. she promised me a kindney and it is on film so i am going to take one someday :) haha!!! no, but was a lot of fun to do this give away and also get recognized on ray's facebook.  so very cool. so...without further ado here is the bracelet clear around the world, to it's rightful owner. it looks fantastic on you and congratulations Charlize :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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THANKSGIVING characters pilgrim and falling leaves: robin moses nail art design tutorial 513

here is a cute cartoon thansgiving scene that i did on juicy. she wanted them up this year, i wanted them for next year. she won. hahahahahaha, shes been winning a lot lately :) have a great holiday! see you guys soon! please pass these out to everyone who will love them, spread the word and please say "inspired by robin moses" if you try and show them so i can find new girls. this design was inspired entirely by juicy...hahahahah :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

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jenna marbles portrait on a nail. please pass this to jenna if you are her fan, i want her to see it!!

(above) the initial jenna marbles "the face" portrait tutorial that was lost on my video camera. i back up all pictures for when i am copyrighting the material i paint. so here is the lost full set. it was hilarious and a bit more simple. this one was super fun to me and i had a great time with it.

update: the first upload link to jenna marbles was super bad quality. i had to RE:UPLOAD it and so now the links work. it is so important that you guys show this to jenna and truly this has been such a hard tutorial for me, technically. lol. i have had NO LUCK with this video at all, i hope hope that it is well loved in return, because gave me a hard ass time! xoxoxoxo

working link posted here
just in case :D xoxoxoxox 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

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"Coffee Drinker" inspired by Oliver Ray. 
"simple nail art design" featured in NAILS magazine December 2011

ROBIN MOSES HITS FRANCE! exclusive interview!

translated link
Gaelle did one of the most beautiful interviews ever in the november issue of PassionNailart. I believe you pay for the issue through paypal and see it in french and in english. I got to talk about my favorite french authors, films, cathedrals and much more. I was invited to France! haha! Who could ask for more? ;D 

 her youtube account