Monday, January 24, 2011

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here are my "day of the dead" nails and my take on "the scream nails" by edvard munch and my nails with eyeballs and veins :) enjoy your manic monday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"why does my polish bubble?" solutions to bubbles in polish

 "why are there bubbles in my polish"
 "why is my nail polish bubbling?"

there are only two culprits: hands and polish!!!


heat and oil.

---....wash your hands with cold soapy water, apply nail dehydrator (white vinegar for natural nails *and let them dry thoroughly) (...fresh nail for artificial nails by CND: for those who bubble a lot) -- that fixes the problem 99.9% of the time...i had one client that nomatter what i did, she would bubble like crazy...i still to this day do not know why...medication???? i dont know.

"why does my polish get bubbles" avoiding bubbles (in polish)

if you use too many strokes applying creates bubbles on the nail surface that 'rise' to the surface. this happens when you actively brush over and over and over and 'scrub' the polish you scrub your hair, it creates bubbles in scrub polish and get bubbles in polish.

rotate your brush in the bottle in a clock wise circle to get the bubbles out of the can see what i mean if you do it with clear polish as a 'test subject'.........(actively apply a bunch of clear on a piece of paper and scrub the polish around on a piece of paper and apply the brush back in the polish and watch how many bubbles are created!!!) when you rotate in a circle, it gets the bubbles out of the brush.

my advice...start with clean and cool nails and learn how to use your polish "calmly"

if you do get one nasty little bubble...have a pin near you (my bubble pin i have on a magnet on my lamp on my desk) just take it and pop it in the middle when the polish is tacky and then wet your finger and gently gently run over the bubble a few times and it should smooth right on out.

so!....dip your brush calmly, apply polish calmly and topcoat calmly.....the acrylic paint, you can be more wild! hahahahaha :)


p.s. if you tried it all and its just no help..maybe you have a crappy bottle of polish and try another! if its the polish..throw it away and get a fabulous one! xoxoxo haha

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

how much do you charge?

price is a personal preference. people i know charge in many different ways. i charge by 15 minute time gaps. it keeps me on time for my next client (which is very important) and allows them to decide whether or not they want to pay extra. i give them all a general time. all extra is made in advance and blocked out for their next appointment schedule.

it all is very personal. if it takes you 4 hours to paint marylin monroe, but your client loves it.........its different than someone who paints her in 20 minutes and their client leaves unhappy...(even if it was way cheaper)......its about quality, time, and being fair..... being honest and being real about the situation, the economy and so forth..........having happy clients who come back has no really dollar amount....some art i do takes 10 minutes and its the clients favorite design of their life...

just know:.........happy clients come back, they dont if you charge too much and prove them with little effort. they come back more if you provide extra effort even if they arent exactly thrilled with your end result...people love when you TRY to make them happy.

happy fun clients are hard to find. so, charging less and practicing and having a good time promotes happiness and having a gang of happy clients is wise because they come back and make YOUR JOB less of a job...unhappy ones pay more maybe..but they arent regulars and you cant wait for them to leave and every single moment it feels like your job is hell.

thats what i charge.


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Monday, January 17, 2011

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today i decided to do something opposite of marylin monroe because i knew she would be so loved and i cannot top certain i am taking it back down to where i am comfortable and having fun. ive been up very late at nights thinking of valentines nails and getting them drawn out for camera. i got a new light bulb for my desk lamp too so maybe the colors will come out better on film now..i donno. its good to try new things. for those of you guys who are passing out my blog, my videos, my pictures and subscribing to my work, i cannot thank you enough. i am watching my goals manifest.

this past week has brought me so many great things that you will see coming in the future but i cannot say yet! i am excited though and its just the beginning, hell its not even warm out yet! :) much love and more on wednesday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

HUGE BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT! LOL finally caught up.

for certain i WILL have new tutorials coming out on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS. keep your eyes open for new and exciting designs! i will try and do as many requests as my clients permit and i will also try and upload them asap. also, i am going to do a FREAKY FRIDAY and lord knows what i will post!

ALSO...before the holidays i will be posting holiday themed designs more than one at a time. so, for would not be out of the ordinary for me to upload 4 designs at once for valentines day or something of that, always be on the lookout! leads you to all of the designs on my youtube and i am trying very hard to keep my playlists as ordered and separated according to design as possible, it is proving difficult but not impossible! i will get this DOWN!!!!!



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Monday, January 3, 2011


HELLO EVERYONE!!! my news resolution is to post a tutorial every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.

  now that the holidays are over, i will explain!---i decided to start doing tutorials october 20th for halloween, my most prolific time of year (to get a feel of what i was doing or if i even wanted to undertake such a task)---it proved to be very fun but i ended up realizing tons of mistakes and wished i would have started earlier than october 20! haha! ---so!!!! as i made videos of some fall designs, my problem was (now that its over)  i had over 100 christmas tutorials i wanted to show in less than 4 weeks and i had to narrow it down to where i could get at least a portion of that, at night i painted man nails for the basic tutorials!!! hahahahhahahah!!this was a HUGE task for my first year. i did it the very best i could and now there is a nice base of records and references for many years to come when i make new designs next year....if i would have known 2 1/2 months ago what i know now, i would have started earlier! so, now that that is over, i want to say this..........i am caught up....i have a good idea of what im doing and everything is in order! i want to thank everyone who kept up with me during these last months, it is has been absolutely amazing and so much fun :) i have met so many beautiful people who have inspired me to keep going and try harder and have made all of the extra work and late nights worth it :) thank you thank you  thank you!!!!

now, i can settle in and get a schedule of sorts....(that is not to say that i wont do a drive-by of 5 designs at once just for fun every once in awhile!!!! hahhahahah) 

my other new years resolution is to ask for help. i have always done everything by myself. i have always worked alone, been very quiet and kept to myself....i never entered nail contests or left work really..........and i am ready to change that!!!!---- i know i cannot make any of my dreams come true by myself and i will ask everyone who watches and loves my work to please spread the word, the videos, everything and subscribe and tell others to--- because i really do want to paint gallery paintings full-time and show them around the world. i want to see the world instead of just painting in a corner alone. i am giving away my nail art so that i can create a fan base for my paintings so PLEASE help me get the word out :) i need you! that is very hard for me to ask!!!---- but hopefully i will learn to trust in 'ask and you shall receive!!" have a wonderful day and may 2011 bring you love and joy and happiness in your hearts ---and may you guys reach all your goals for the year!

much love and thanks,

(adios 2010!!!!)

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Nail Art - Cartoons, Animals, Faces, Characters, Logos and more!

Nail Art - Cartoons, Animals, Faces, Characters, Logos and more!

Nail Art - Cartoons, Animals, Faces, Characters, Logos and more!

Nail Art - Cartoons, Animals, Faces, Characters, Logos and more!