Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

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Finally, I have some nail art liner and striping brushes for sale! Here is the info!

 Robin Moses Nail Art Brush announcement

brush info
All payments through paypal-
my paypal account name is:

(for new paypal customers. you click 'pay a person' and put in my email and it goes directly to my account and we move forward that easily)

2 liners 2 stripers........... 40.00 + 5.00 USD shipping for US ORDERS.
3 liners 3 stripers........... 60.00 + 5.00 USD shipping for US ORDERS.
5 liners 5 stripers............90.00 + 5.00 USD shipping for US ORDERS.

(OUTSIDE OF THE US...please pay 7.50 us dollars shipping and handling)

APPEARS ON AN ENVELOPE IN EXACT ORDER. If your address is written out of order it will take your order much longer to reach you (up to 2 months!)

when you have paid my paypal, Email me: -with the title "I HAVE PAID"
with exact NAME and address

i will check my paypal to make sure i see you paid and that it worked.
I will immediately pack your brushes up and email you a note saying that they
will be shipped. I will also send you a brush care pdf to ensure your brushes last a long time!! :D

--if i do not send brush care info with your email after you have paid, please email me with title "I DID NOT RECEIVE BRUSH CARE" and request the brush care info.  and make sure you have it!

(at a later time i will have all brush care info on my website but everything is so new, nothing is made yet :)

Please know that those of you in the US are paying a bit more for shipping to cover the cost of shipping in other countries. This ensures we all can have brushes at this time and help each other. This will be much easier when I have my website going but I have just hit snags and am doing the best I can. I will do my best to answer what I can, but mostly I want to say thank you for supporting me and I hope you love them and with each step all of this will get easier. :D

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D

Zebra print nails! "animal print nail art" "animal prints 2016" "new animal print" "fun animal print" "zebra print nails" "nail art Bling"

Huge playlists and nail art galleries full of animal prints to learn to paint. I have zebra print, leopard, cheetah and more in an array of color combinations and cutting edge graphic designs that will keep you in animal print nails all year long! for the animal print nail art lover, you have found the right place! Have fun painting!