Monday, March 21, 2016

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Mask Nails | How to paint Faces - DIY Fun Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Evolve your Smokey Grey Matte Design into a beautiful Spring Daisy Wonderland!

(Before) Matte Nails | Black Leaves Nail Art Design on gray polish Tutorial
Go from elegant to floral with your nails without any hassle! Take your matte black smokey nails and evolve them into your next design without removing the polish! Here is a way to do a very simple design, keep it a few days and then spruce it up with a few spring daisies and go straight from cold and dismal to seeing the sun! I am hoping those who paint your nails try this, you can cover nail polish chips with the flowers, nail grow out with leaves and then use a thick and rich topcoat and go from matte to glamorous and shiny! Have a great time painting your nails and try them and show me on my instagram @robinmosesnailart 

I have left both playlists here for you to find both tutorials and have linked you up with the partners to this beautiful design you can upgrade at any time. if you are interested in seeing more evolving nail tutorials like this, please thumbs up and comment so i know what to film to give you the best nail tutorials you can want and have with you at all times!
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