Friday, September 28, 2018

Colorful Skull Nails | Rose and Butterfly Fall Nail Art Design! 2018

Hello! Here is a Halloween or fall nail design that can be worn all year. I saw a video of what was done at fashion week this week (sans cardi b throwing shoes and getting an egg on her face drama) and I have to laugh. I was asked to do fashion week last year and I saw the way nails were treated at the top of my game. I was asked to come back to be "pitted against other youtubers" this year. They started out trying to create drama and putting it before the art. I gracefully declined LOL. They are turning nail art into another reality show that is boring and sucks. I don't want to be on or live in a reality show. I am my own reality and I am awesome, I love my reality. I am the real deal in nail art. I am someone who has succeeded and can go anywhere in the world using 3 products. I can paint anything and make any bride or woman I meet feel beautiful and do it with honor. I don't have to compete to feel good-enough. I have NEVER been asked to be in nails magazine. They have asked me to work for them, yes.....for $25.00 and THEY get the free press. They get the orders. They suck the soul out of artists and then choose the ones who feel it will help them be popular. I am popular in my real life. I turn down so many clients because I am only one person. I am trying to build a group of people who want a career that pays money, not be popular online where you sell your soul to spray tan yourself or cover yourself in glitter that is provided in a quart container for 1,500.00. I would rather be poor. I didn't understand social media, my industry, myself or my future, but now I do.

Please join me and let's learn this and make our own club, uplift shops all over the world and watch how everyone in the industry copies this message as their own and fakes it back to you. LOOK at the dates and call them out. This has to stop and real has to overcome fake or our jobs are over. No one will want nails anymore and the places to meet and have fun will eventually die and it will be a clown show online that everyone laughs at.....I am tired of being laughed at or not taken seriously when I have a line of clients out the door begging to get in to have art and laugh.

It doesnt make sense. If it doesnt make sense, it isn't true.....I am quoting Judge Judy on that one.

Robin Moses
The REAL DEAL. Hail to the N.A.W.
P.S. With those with ears to hear me, please give me credit when you copy by work by saying #inspiredbyrobinmoses and call out those stealing my work. Turn in websites, don't buy the products using my designs. Don't support magazines using my designs as promotion for THEIR riches. Make them create their own designs and they will respect us more, treat us nicer, help us get clients instead of making us buy more garbage. :D Love, Robin.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

NEW. Fall Nails | DIY Autumn Nail Art for Divas 2018

UP new today is a fall design that incorporates butterflies and line work using my wand brush found at It is practice and patience that is the key role of this design but everything you need to learn to get it moving is in the beginner playlist I created on Youtube. I have a full butterfly nail art playlist here  butterfly playlist

and  fall playlist here: Fall Nail Art 2018 playlist 

full videos that are dedicated to teaching you so you can become successful and have fun at the same time while not spending any money, just your time and patience is required! Join me and let's paint :D

Monday, September 24, 2018

4 NEW VIDEOS UP! Nail Art for Beginners Playlist | Get Your Career in Nails Started

New playlist on my youtube channel dedicated to beginner tutorials to help you get started in the nail shop for a career in nail art. Easy to follow, full tutorials that focus on teaching new artists interesting in adding nail art to their portfolio in the nail industry for inexpensive ways to make extra money, earn more clients and have fun while you work!

link here:
Nail art for beginners video playlist

Friday, September 21, 2018

Nail Art for Beginners Playlist | Get Started doing nail art inexpensively

Nail Art for Beginners by Robin Moses

I have tried for 2 months to upload this and did not have the strength. I felt if I didn't do it today, I would give up entirely. My one request is for you to please read, share them with those who TRULY want to learn and are scared or new...I want to be the safe place that new artists come to learn with love and acceptance. I promise to do my best and grow with you, so please ask questions and  say #inspiredbyrobinmoses when you copy so I can teach and share always.  I love and miss you guys

 get the #basicnailart skills you need to create any design for pennies. Find me here and get brushes for nail art worldwide at create for all of my full length 1,400 tutorials that I have done throughout my 28 year nail art career!
 inexpensive and fun to learn nail art for beginners
 cut brushes for nail art for free or get them at
 learn to paint nail art cheap and easy! beginners welcome! join and say #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you copy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Horror Film Nail Art Playlist | 2018 Vault of ridiculously scarey nail art !!

#horrorfilm #stephenking #itnails #halloween2018

Fall Nail Art 2018 Playlist | Easy Autumn Nails | Thanksgiving Nail Art ...

 Fall nails 2018


 How to hand paint fall leaves.
 Painting fall leaves
 Fall playlist for over 60 full length autumn nail art tutorials for 2018 at fall nail art 2018 playlist videos

 playlist for fall nails autumn nail designs 2018

 #fallnailart #fallnaildesign #fallleaves


Fall Nails 2018! Newly updated Nail art playlist full of nails for autumn! #nailart2018 #fall2018 #fallnailart2018 #autumnnails2018 #fallnails #autumnnails

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Best Fall Nails Playlist | Easy Autumn Professional Nail Art Designs | E...

Biggest and best full length nail art tutorials for fall! Start practicing and keep rewinding to get them perfect~! Don't give up and don't let anyone knock you down, you got this! Join me. Get brushes worldwide at join my communities and ask questions. Our nail art sisterhood is friendly and fun. I can't have it any other way! Please give me credit if you copy by hashtagging #inspiredbyrobinmoses every time you share one of my designs!

Horror Film Nail Art Playlist | Biggest compilation of Best Scary Movie ...

Horror film nails galore! Over 100 full length nail art tutorials for scary movie fans! Please share and get brushes worldwide at