Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"nail foiling" "easter bunny" "sad bunny" "easter nail art"
wednesdays tutorials up!
please look for embellie gellie at for applying all stones and gold bars etc...up to 6mm without anyyy problems...just amazing stuff. (they arent paying me to say that) it rocks.....MY LOVE AND RESPECT ...please pass these videos out to everyone who loves art and wants to learn or a young girl having a sleepover or a birthday party or if you want to paint eggs like this, or if you want to paint wine glasses..........pass my tutorials out there NAIL ARMY!!!

paint your easter up and foil it and throw on some rhinestones. LOL *i just cracked myself up* my love to you guys!



  1. I really love and like every thing else you do!!!

  2. I absolutely love that clover glam, where did you get it and how do I? lol

  3. I am constantly blown away at how amazingly talented you are! I would have never thought to use my nail foils this way and I can't wait to try it!