Monday, May 16, 2011

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here, anaarthur81 and i do "neon daisies"
anas tutorial here:

i love ana because she has a penchant for the macabre and the skill of a seasoned craftsman twice her age. her art and beauty inspire me and i am so excited to work with her on this design. i hope you check out her channel and subscribe if you love art and the love of makeup and what it can do!

my most sincere thanks to everyone to watches, tries this look and has fun! if you do copy please say you were inspired by robin moses and ana arthur and show us!!!! my love to you guys!!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous :) And I hadn't discovered Ana on youtube yet so yay for a new subscribtion ;)

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow and Wow! I have to do this, very pretty Robin. xx

  3. This is gorgeous! Imma try it out sometime once I get my hands on neon polishes. May I ask do you use the same brush dipped into water and then change acrylic paint as you paint or you have quite a few of them on the desk with you and you just switch them as you draw?

    I'm a newbie with acrylic paint, so I hope you'll give me some pointers. I love your "tangled" and the" designer filigree", especially. Extremely inspiring!

  4. felicia....i use different for acrylic and one for polish. i paint black on the tip of the one i use for polish...but, i could REALLY use the same brush for both..i just prefer to use 2 because they last longer.....if you clean one with water and the polish one with acetone, the polish ones wear out faster :) my love and thanks!!!! i loved doing this collaboration, i am so so glad you guys liked it! also, my most sincere apologies for not keeping up with blog comments, i just cannot..hopefully with my forum, it will be much easier and i can see many places at once. :) my love to you guys!

  5. Hi Robin! Thank you for the prompt reply... :) so you mean for the whole masterpiece you only used 2 brushes? In 'designer filigree', designs that uses only acrylic paint despite all the different colors for the design, you just use one brush? I was wondering if I have to swap different brushes. Sorry for the many questions and thank you for sharing with the world! <3

  6. thank you so much felicia...and you are welcome! on my front youtube page in my "favorites" section it shows how i choose brushes and how i cut them to be "perfect" for me.....i have a liner for detail and a striper for striping and then i have a liner for i have 3 brushes total that i i have 30 that i mess with, but i never hardly use them at all. :) hahahahhahaah :) xoxoxoox please tell everyone about my art and i will keep showing you more and more designs and tricks! my love to you felicia and thanks again :)