Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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VIOLETS Yellow and Dark Blue Flowers: robin moses nail art design tutorial 455

with the "let it snow" project, i had NO IDEA how many would participate. i spent so long watching everyones videos and i admit, i cried like 3 times because i was so happy and there was so much beautiful art....but, i did get way behind in editing. i am neck-deep in christmas clients, tutorials, collaborations and life itself. so, today i post violets and a thank you to everyone who is sharing my name out and making this adventure so much fun :D my love to you guys!! happy wednesday!


  1. Hi Robin,
    I am having a problem with using acrylic paint to do designs on nails, and I am not sure if it is the paint I am using or the paint brushes. Yours always shows so smoothly but mine appears streaky and never fully coats the nail polish. Do you have any advice?

    Sarah (

  2. Oh Robin honey the trouble your causing me lol i found you because i saw the let it snow collaboration and i'm in the uk and i've ended up being sat up all night till the early hours of the morning watching all your videos and looking at all the pictures, your just so informative and entertaining. What do you find is the best acrylic paint to use for nail art?

    Loving you project some amazing ideas you have



  3. hello! you guys with acrylic questions...please go to my youtube front page ( and look on the top right for my 10 most asked questions and then scroll down to my "faq" playlist and watch the videos on paint. it shows with the camera how they are supposed to look and how to have your brushes perfect and everything you need to know that would take me so long to type, but you get to SEE it...and hopefully it will help you so much :) my love to you guys!