Monday, July 23, 2012

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lyndah pizarro approached me to do a 'operation repo' themed design and i had to say yes. i am a huge fan of the show and being born in las vegas, operation repo is filmed not far from my home town in los angeles. many of the streets shot have been streets i have been on so nostalgia mixes with the hilarious and operation is and remains a guilty pleasure to watch. the hardest thing about this design was sonia. sonia changes her look a lot. i went to her facebook and found a picture (at lyndahs suggestion) and found the perfect one. after i finally found THE sonia, i went right to work. the whole design took a LOT of hours. it was 6 to prep and have them finished....but i had to go back and finish lyndah the next day. i am a perfectionist. those of you who are perfectionists will see lyndahs photo of the herself a bit different than my end photo of lyndah :D i didnt reshoot end result pics. so i am glad lyndah caught the real look of the final pics. anyway, i thought i would talk a bit about it. i will add lyndahs "unboxing" to this as soon as she makes it visible for the audience and i hope you enjoy the video :D

here are the photos i used

and here is the finished project

well.....almost finished. i worked a bit more after this shot, anyways.....when they were done, i sent them to lyndah like this


  1. Hello my name is Fabrícia, I am Brazilian and seeing his work I was amazed, and made up a joke with my husband that you are more dangerous with a brush in his hand than with a firearm.
    I wonder if you sell the fake nails that is ...?
    Well, I'd love to buy and sell if you please tell me which way of sale and payment.
    Congratulations for your work!
    Kisses and now thanks...

  2. I am always in awe of the portrait work you do on nails. You are one of my biggest inspirations! Thanks for being so awesome! :)

  3. thank you both so very much! fabricia, i only paint online to teach, i do not sell my nail art. i want to teach it to others who wish to carry on the tradition and dedicate many hours into learning. @amber, thank you because it is comments like yours that inspire me to continue on because i know i am doing the right thing :) my love to both of you! xoxoxoxoox

  4. Thank you for answering me, so I made ​​sure I adimire you even more because it is very rare for people like you who want to pass on knowledge.
    I'll keep watching your videos, I'm not good to draw but will I learn!