Friday, September 28, 2012

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  THE EXORCIST Halloween Nail Art
Diva Spiderweb Halloween Nail Art

"dark nail art"   


  1. Wee I finally created myself an account so I can post here.
    Robin, you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for being such a great help and inspiration to so many like me.
    I fumble around with your designs on my nails all the time, to practice, just cannot get my camera to make a decent picture to show you, but working on it :P

    Love the crazy playlist, recreated the Ana Cruz nails on my nails the other night, my butterflies look like moths though, lol, meh!
    Anyhow, big hug from another fan! Never change, you are awesome!

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  3. Hey Robin,
    I never paint my fingernails, but always do something FAB on my toenails. I just did a pretty cool Halloween scene on them last night and wish I could show you to get your opinion. I don't have FB bcz of my husbands profession and I don't have a twitter acct. I don't know how I can post a pic to you. Last year, my Halloween toes were AMAZE-BALLS, so I wanted to top it. I just changed my profele pic to show my nails...maybe you can see it here:)
    Jen G

  4. as i said so many times before - you amazed me every single time :D