Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nail Art Love. A Note off of the Desk of an Unexplainable Journey, Wishing I had paid attention to computers in 2007, I know nothing, SPREAD THE WORD, HAIL to the N.A.W.,

I have no idea how Blogspot works. I just keep adding my #nailart here in hopes of it finding people who love it and share it and use it to feel joy. I wish I understood the ‘social media’ aspect of this business. I can paint celebrities, i can paint princesses from different countries, I can paint heirs of vast fortune, but I cannot ‘connect’ here like I wish I could. It is MY personal goal to learn that and to always try my best. Until then, Please accept my nailart and share it and help me to reach my goals. My whole life I have done nail art in a corner. I am sharing everything with you so I can exchange my nailart for canvas art. I would love to show my art all over the world and teach on Youtube all of the techniques I have learned over my 24 years sitting at a desk. Until I “get this computer stuff right” please accept my gifts of art and pass them freely!!!! If you copy, please say “inspired by Robin Moses” so others who wish to learn can find me and try a design they might love.
Forever Gratefull for all You guys do for me,
The Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (HAIL to the N.A.W.)