Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Red Roses & Polka Dot Nails 

Here is  cute design that is perfect for late 40's and 50's makeup. It is so cute for spring and then goes into summer as i am seeing more and more polka dots and "winter" colors. This is also a perfect design for a pin-up makeup look with the lana turner curls or the short curly marilyn. I just love it, its old world and its new and fresh with poppin' bright red. My love to you and I please please ask you to share my work, say "inspired by robin moses" if you copy as it is copyrighted, like, comment, show me at my fanpage and just join in the world of art and fun!!!!

(p.s.  as blog readers, would you like me to write a little bit about what i post and think about the designs i do. i am not super familiar with other blogs, styles etc and really am so focused on getting the nails out for you to learn that i never thought that maybe you would like to know more. also...I know i get really repetitive about "subscribing" "sharing" etc but EVERY one counts and it leads to the people looking for me who may get a life changing career. so My love to everyone who puts up with me sounding like a parrot and SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE THIS OUT!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAH


  1. Those are so cute and you made those hearts so perfect!

  2. Love it XD You're so talented!