Monday, November 18, 2013

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Lady Gaga "Artpop" nail art up for monday! Please go to and show her there! I would love love love to give this set to her OR her people to give to one of her fans. All my love... :D


For other tutorials on portraits, click here: Best Nail Art in the World!


Best nail art in the world Jenna marbles "The go away face"
 Lisa Cimorelli Portrait for her birthday.
 Marilyn Monroe Nail Art
 Michael Franti Nail art (HE POSTED PICS BEFORE ME!) I love you Michael!!!
 Petrilude Nail Art....My first portrait I ever did for Youtube. An amazing Beauty.
 Ray William Johnson Nail art. He called this: "Fucking badass"
 Shane Dawson Nail Art. My first "like" by a huge Youtube personality. I didnt understand Youtubes power and love until he said he liked it and I got 1,700 emails in less than one minute.
 Skrillex Nail Art. Sonny never accepted this nail and so one of my viewers said she would give me a kidney for it. I hedged my bets and thought it was a good deal! To my viewer who owes me a kidney....I WILL BE COLLECTING :)
 Mr. Kaka Nail Art. I never heard from him.
 Team Jacob Nail art. I love the viewers of twilight and all they learned from my tutorials. I got tons of people who never thought they could paint try this, show me and amaze themselves and me with this tutorial. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!
 The Uncluded Nail art. Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson. I was lucky enough to have this design make it to one of their videos. You can see them sing to it by searching "the uncluded scissorhands" on Youtube.
Here is the wizard of oz nails I did that was going to be a collaboration I was invited to join in on and then no on showed up. I never felt more sad, more alone, hated, etc.....But, I didnt give up and here are MY wizard of oz nail tutorial for everyone to have for forever and I am proud of them and everyone who has tried them and learned from my work.

I love my viewers and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Playlist of the best Nail Art in the World!