Friday, February 20, 2015

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 Nail Art Tutorial | Rainbow Bright Nails! | Watercolor Rainbow nail art with faces

Here is a huge number of rainbow designs perfect for St. Patricks day or for the beginning of spring until the end of summer. I have over 100 rainbow designs. Just go to youtube and search Robin Moses Rainbow or they are peppered through the playlists i linked to this post! *love and respect* always :D xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

~Robin Moses

Nail Art Playlist | Cartoon Nail Art | Disney Princess Nails, Designer Logo nails and more | DIY Nail Tutorials for beginners and Advanced!

Nail Art Tutorials | Hot Nail Design Playlist | DIY Diva Nails, Lush Nails, Party Girl Nail Art & Bling for Beginners and Professional Techs!

Nail Art Tutorials | St. Patricks Day Nail Art Playlist | DIY Easy Shamrock & Rainbow Nails for Beginners and Advanced!

Nail Art Tutorials | Cute Nail Art Playlist | DIY Nails | From Easy Nail Design tutorials to Professional!

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