Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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So, I was thinking I hadn't done any old school nail art in a long time. I went into my files and looked and 'she' came up. In my experience, there is this group of girls who LOVE wild nails and the wilder the better. Before the "rhinestone craze" where you could get any bling you wanted anywhere you wanted, we had to just go with our imaginations. This was one of my favorite clients go-to nail design! haha! it used to crack me up...Zebra print with hearts?? brown and red? why? But over the years, I grew to love this and this design is a symbol for women who love to be badass and stand out and be loud and wild and ooze confidence and cheerfulness wherever they go. This design is that for me in my past. I felt after these years on youtube, this girl was ready to be seen. I love you Sammy, this is for you. "rawr" heheheheheheh 

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D


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