Friday, April 8, 2016

3 Different marble nail art without using no water

Water marbling nails can be daunting and drag marble seems to be as hard to some. but dont give up. it is a techniue; like rollerskating is a technique or riding a bike. It seems impossible until you get it and then you just say "ah" and it happens and you dont forget it.

Peacock water marble
 No Water Needed - 3 DIFFERENT Marble nail art Tutorials

 I am not a great roller skater or bike rider but I can if I have to on a dare. haha! With water marbling or "drag marble" as we called it back in the day, I feel rusty if i dont do it for a long time or.....if i go to different temperatures. Hot temps and Cold temps and humidity makes a huge difference which is why it is hard to teach. My hopes is that i use enough different consistencies in the polishes that you can see and try the ones you have and hopefully you will hit magic and never look back!

Good Luck!

Fridays water marble is 3 different looks with the same colors in 'peacock nail art" colors, this is both abstract, elegant, funky, indie chic and classic. Try them and don't be afraid to fail. I have failed tons on this and I don't regret it once. :D

robin moses

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