Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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 DIY Easy OWL Nails | Cute Spring Nail Art Design Tutorial
Here are many owl nail art designs for any time of the year. Both frightening and cute as can be, you can learn to paint owls and have fun doing it! I used Swarovski's new Pixie dust crystal. It is a mash of smashed crystals and clear round crystal balls that are smaller than microbeads that catch light for 40.00 a bottle. A high pricetag and I don't recommend buying a full bottle UNLESS you are a hardcore gem user and then I think this should be in your collection as the crushed bits of crystal catch light like no other crystal I have used. However, the clear round pieces go clear with regular topcoat and loose luster, which is fine for things where you need pop without using a big heavy stone. This adornment is perfect for weddings or events where you want to cast light without being garish.. .. On a owls belly? Yes, please! Have fun painting owl nail art on your fingers and give a hoot, spread the word.