Monday, November 14, 2016

Cute Scarecrow Nails! | DIY Fall Patchwork Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: Shout me out if you copy this on Instagram: IMPORTANT!!! Please read below!!! :) Here is a patchwork design with a scarecrow and a miss scarecrow perfect for the fall! I saw this design done on the exact same day as I did them and before I edited them by princessawesomesauce on instagram and was so amazed I had to say it to you guys! (go look at her design!) Sometimes inspiration is universal and we are inspired by the season and it is EXACT sometimes...And that is to be embraced. Giving credit and sharing who inspires you is a part of life in certain and fitness channels do it, music channels do it, gamers do it, but in our community it is not done. That needs to change or nail art will be a fad and it will die. We need each other and we deserve to be shared and loved. I do not know why it is not that way, but I believe our industry is to blame. We CAN change it. Inspire those of us who need it most so we can create openly and inspire others who are suffering and change someones life. Try this design, show me on my Instagram! Give me ideas how we can take our community and breathe kindness into it so others are not afraid. I will begin this by asking for you to Hashtag your work that has been inspired by me or other creators who make freehand nail art with: #nailartsisterhood #sisterhoodofnailart #sisterhoodinnailart ANY hashtag showing the world that we who do hand painted nails CAN grow a community of KINDNESS. We can IGNORE and unfriend; be silent toward those stealing. Block unkind and ungracious artists who steal the glory for themselves to feel popular. Doing what we do is bigger than being popular. Its a JOY from within....In the beauty industry it has been cool to be unkind but I personally am tired of these mean girls with little struggles getting tons of credit off of the hard work of other creators who are too shy to stand up for themselves. WE can build our own community and be free to feel joy. We might not stop unkindness or theft and selfishness, but we can create a beautiful niche FULL of kind people who dont need that crap.....and embrace a new way.

Please think on this and join me. I will begin to build from this notion to help my sisters who need art to support their families, to get through hard times, to create joy in their lives with this wonderful and personal hobby that GIVES to both creator and client. Happy "thanks-GIVING" ..Share this. Follow. Create. Smile. Give and watch us soar!!!


P.s. This design is perfect for beginner nail artists to advanced career nail techs who want more nail art education! SUBSCRIBE & Follow my movement and my DIY Nail Art Designs for those seeking to take their nail art design to the next level! Learn how to use nail art tools and master nail art one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and HAVE FUN PAINTING NAILS!

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