Monday, March 6, 2017

Easy Stained Glass Nails | DIY Shattered Glitter Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Glitter explosion supplied by wildflowernails! Omg, so much glitter! All done so easily and cheap! Use your own collection of glitter polish or try these! They are fantastic, such an easy shattered glass design. You can also call these stained glass nails! They never get boring or old. No matter what pictures you paint by hand into the glitter, the more bling your nail design, the sky is the limit! perfect for any time of the year and for beginner nail artists or advanced career nail techs who want more holo glittery nail art education! Please SUBSCRIBE & Follow my DIY Nail Art Freehand Painted Designs for those seeking to take their nail art to the next level, especially if you need to do nail art cheap! Learn how to use nailart tools and master nails using inexpensive materials in all of my HAND PAINTED DESIGNS! Make extra money by picking up techniques with no tools at all and keep the knowledge with you always! No one can ever take your knowledge from you! Try one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and have fun painting! For those who actually read this!

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You need a great heart to make great art and you CAN do this. :) *love*

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