Friday, May 5, 2017

The Most Amazing White Flower Nails that You Won't take off!

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Hello! SO, this is a nail art design I LOVE! A Fairy dust chrome on a deeply pigmented nude polish flanked by mauve gradient polish by vinylux by CND. Then, a very simple and elegant white flower with olive leaves and shimmering branches totally inspired by and ready for the met gala, prom, weddings or anything where you have to shine. This is one of my favorite nail art designs to paint and it makes me so happy to share with you. It costs me pennies to do this whole design and it truly is a technique that you can learn and do for your friends, family and clients. this is for short or long nails and can be enhanced further with gems, swarovski crystals, gold flake, micro beads or glitters from course to the finest grade! I am and will remain a niche nail art channel dedicated to teaching you how to do hand painted nail art using inexpensive materials and in a REAL life setting. I dont have perfect lighting or music and my voice is in real time while laughing and making perfect mistakes to take you to the next level in your professional career as a nail tech, as a mom who makes money painting nails, as a sister, friend or professional educator who wants that edge..... I dont steal and I dont want you to so that you get likes, I want you to take this, spread the word and make a living and be the change you want to see in the world for yourself, for others and for the next generations to come. Fads come and go, trends are trends, but this kind of art lasts a lifetime and never gets old and I don't want it to die with me, so I share it. Please share it with me and help me find young girls with no path so they can learn this craft. It saved my life and I want it to help others who grew up like I did......please like, comment, practice and be gentle on yourself, you will get to your goals! Please subscribe for new videos every monday, wednesday and friday! Take a deep breath, rewind and LEARN nail art! Its so much fun! :D

I created brushes to go with my tutorials after years of viewers asking me what brushes I use. I always had to cut my own, but created them for you guys to make these tutorials easier and they are made for the tutorials I do. I havent found any others out there that work like mine work for my art, if you are struggling to find a good and quality nail art brush, you can find the brushes here. :D
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