Monday, June 19, 2017

Candy Confetti Polka Dots on French Pink Nails | Easy Nail Art Dotticure...

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Hello! Here is a polka dot design you CAN do with clear polish but I used gel in this video. I believe it would do just fine using wet and wild or dazzledry or high end polish and use a toothpick or whatever you like to add your confetti dots and create your own candy dotticure design as you wish! I used gel because I wanted to mix it up and show what wildflowernails and I taught in portland and try and share it as truthfully as I could. It was so much fun to do and the arrangements are endless and perfect for beginners. the dots come in so many sizes and colors now and this candy colored design was amazing. Thank you guys for all you do! Have fun painting these and show me at my instagram @robinmosesnailart #nailartsisterhood #inspiredbyrobinmoses :D lovelovelove
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