Friday, April 6, 2018

Mermaid Nails | Low Cost + Amazing Hand Painted Nail Art Design Tutorial

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revisiting some of my nail art tutorials I did when I was first starting
youtube! This design is over the top beautiful, inexpensive to create
and uses low cost, minimalist products. Your goal here is to practice
and become a product minimalist! Taking your techniques to the next
level as a nail tech or nail art enthusiast will put you in demand and
add to other techniques you can buy when you can afford them. Do this
while you master your craft and while having so much fun failing over
and over until you get it right and scream. (thats a great feeling lol) I
believe we've stepped away from so many ways that used to give us joy
and replaced it with expensive alternatives created to impress others
until our standards of perfection are unattainable.

Now what I see
around me is this cloned perfection and I can't tell anyone or anything
apart? So what is the point? This art is attainable, affordable and so
much fun to learn at any level. You won't be perfect at first and THAT
is perfect exactly how it is. Here I used a few dollar nail products,
craft paint that costs a dollar a bottle at the craft store and brushes I
created that last years for less than 10.00 each. I pay 10x the price
of that for one gem on other designs and I have to charge my clients
more so I can stay in business. This form of art puts all of the
dedication and success in your hands!!! Please spread the word. This
helps 1000's find joy, get careers and advance their education in our
industry. There are so many paths in nails that you can do and I am just
one path, but its a path full of great people, wonderful clients who
appreciate you for the art you do and keep you creative and laughing.
Mermaids have been a regular design in my shop since the beginning. Have
a #robinmosescollab and do mermaids as you topic this summer! tag me #inspiredbyrobinmoses
and show me what you are creating with your time and effort and share
your work. Share your art and shout me out! Let's together raise the
vibration in our industry and keep building our foundation of sisterhood
that transcends products, money and fame. I am in this 100% to help you
find your success. I have no other reason to do this and in return you
guys inspire me to keep going through show me your achievements and
evolving your stories into better places with happier days. I love you
guys! Have fun painting this design and I will see you soon! I am
working on some new beginner videos so keep an eye out, share, subscribe
and comment so my channel can stay relevant for others to find us. We
are a team and i believe in hand painted nail art lasting forever, not
because its 'cooler' but because it heals and its magic. :D

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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