Thursday, May 21, 2020

Spring Shower Acrylic Painting With Glitter | Robin Moses Nail Art Paint...

I am going to leave the info for this amazingly edited video to relax in the comments.
For now I will say I am going back and forth from freaking out to being calm and optimistic.
Today I am delivering food and it will take up my whole day but THAT is a great thing.

Tomorrow I have prepared a list of things to paint and relax with. My
bank froze my stimulus check. I have no unemployment yet. My community
is confused and rightly frustrated, but??
This is the first break I have taken in my whole life. I have been grinding nails and painting faces smaller than rice for 30 years.

I created and left a library of techniques for those struggling, to
help them learn faster than I had to and its being shared all over the
world and hopefully finding girls who need it most.
I am making calm videos right now and it feels
Thank you to those supporting me. Thank you to those helping me and others who are socially
awkward or completely stunted to stay calm. I love you.
If you want this put to print or see me paint any nail design you love, please comment and share my links, please.

 New Relaxing Paint video here: Print COMING SOON!
Get #nailartprints and #nailartbrushes and support my art!
LEARN Nail Art for this HERE:
Playlist of my Painting NEW here:
If you Copy, Tag me: #inspiredbyrobinmoses
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    play bazaar
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