Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what is a blog for? questions and answers part 1. polish choices. eyeshadow nail art choices, how do i paint nails with eyeshadow? using MAC pigments for nail art, nail art with shadow, nailart with eye shadow, using eyeshadow for nail art, how do i use eyeshadow on my nails?


i have youtubes on youtube
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so, why repost whats been said already?

here is where i will take questions and share little tips of information i suppose. i get tons of questions and i answer them and they scroll away and then the answer is, i can document some semblance of order, albeit will be more orderly than a live scroll.

hopefully when i go viral i will have a secretary to keep me orderly..that would be fantastic...everyone help me achieve that.

question one: "Hey do you have any suggestions for brands of nail polish? Oh and what size is that brush? Your work is incredible!"

here is my personal opinion...every single person has a different one.
on natural nails)...if you use white distilled vinegar and dry it in a light before you polish...your polish lasts longer because it takes the oil out of your nail bed....acetone also takes out some does creative nail/scrubfresh....all good primers. prime them and make them all chalky white before you paint them and they wont chip as much. if they are all shiney and pink...they will chip up and look a mess.

basecoats are useless unless your nail polish stains and hardly any do...i can think of ONE....CLAIRES makes this ugly purple that stains. (but, i use acrylic...i dont like doing natural nails...i bet people with natural nails will go on and on in disagreement about staining but i dont know natural nails, i PAINT on false nails.......i put the false nails on so that my paintings last, i am not a good 'natural nail' manicurist to talk to, however, i do paint them and this is what has worked for me without a 50 dollar answer.

TWO thin coats of polish SHOULD cover..if you need more...throw the polish away because its sucky.

to me, cheaper is better. i love wet and wild. you can mix them easily into more exotic colors..the brushes are usually managable...they dry quick and if you leave one buy another one because its not 20 bucks. i go through about 10 bottles a week. i mix them all of the time. if you want to be creative...go to walmart in the art section and get a color wheel... then youtube how to use one and mix all of the colors you want using wet and wild colors..its cheaper, its more fun and you get the color you love most.

"but robin, dont you like OPI"

i have found that OPI takes forever to dry....they make stunning colors....but i am mixing and matching and painting OVER the color anyway, so i dont really benefit much from subtle different shades......i benefit from good brushes.......OPI is for the natural nail manicurist and the manicurist who follows the trends that the company tells them to follow.......i love trends..i follow some...but i dont NEED OPI to get an OPI look...........

for secret?..............the secret to great polish is: a great top coat.

i use pro-finish GOLD uv topcoat. i have for a billion doesnt fail me. i am addicted to its smell like a crackhead. i need it to feel 'finished' with a design.----it is what i PAY FOR is expensive but it seals my art and lasts without chipping.

(ALERT:!!! ALTHOUGH!!!)------i have heard that gel topcoats are great and i ordered some recently from hong kong....i will keep you posted!

i try out new things all of the time.....and nothing comes close to my top coat...i dont like the idea of having to file off a topcoat...however, if a gel topcoat doesnt chemically react to pigments, i will definitely make a minor switch. if i do, i will surely say so in my tutorials!

there are my questions for today. i know what i say is probably exactly the opposite of what everyone else says, but i dont read what everyone else says ever...i just practice and find what works for me so that my nails are FIERCE....and i dont settle for "eh"..........ever.

PART 2: the size of my brush

i have many brushes...i choose length and how pliable the hairs are..i prefer sable but sometimes i get a great synthetic so i dont have a 'favorite' i like dental brushes..i try and buy dental brushes in bulk ranging from size 1-4.....i use the 4's for my acrylic and my 1-3's for paint.....however, i alter my brushes by cutting them down to fit my needs. i  will make a tutorial for that, but for now, i cannot get a camera angle good enough to do an effective job..i will though..i am new, but i dont want people messing up brushes because i have a bad go 0 or 00 for now and dont get a short one..they are stumpy and more for dot making.....get longer hairs....but not exceptionally say..somewhere in the mid-range length, smallest width possible....that is a good start! :) thank you for asking and i hope i answered everything as thoroughly as possible! xoxoxox


p.s. i have done countless different tutorials using eyeshadows for nail art since 1997. for more eyeshadow nail art tutorials, please subscribe to my channel on YOUTUBE @ robinmosesnailart and see what you can do with shadows! i have been using eyeshadows in my nail art for over 15 years and the eyeshadows i use range from wet and wild eyeshadow nail art to MAC reflects gold, MAC reflects silver, etc in nail art......using eyeshadow in nail art is so much fun. please join me in learning and making art and if you copy, please say 'inspired by robin moses' as its all i ask in return for all i teach!!!


  1. I know this is an old post, but I'm gonna comment anyway because I think my question fits here. Have you seen the holographic polishes, and the duotones? Do you use them, would you use them, yadda yadda? I know for background colors they're sort of overkill or could get lost, but I think they're wonderful for adding a bit of POW to a nail.

    Then again, I think they make fantastic nail polishes just as nail polish, without art. I'm in love with holos...

  2. I'm so with you on the secret to a great nail polish being a great topcoat. I can wear any brand as long as I've got a good topcoat, and frankly, I prefer a my cheap nail polishes to the pricier ones.

  3. Thank you for writing it for us all the deaf people who need to know anything by using text base, thank you once again! And I am totally agree what you said. You are BRILLIANT!!! :)

    Thank you for making amazing tutorials!

    MissLeChateau (youtube)
    Keep up such great job!

  4. I just want you to do my nails but....aneeways.. how much do you normally charge for the splater painted nails??