Friday, October 29, 2010

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i got 2 great questions today....(first, let me say: pigments are eyeshadows)

in this blog, i have done many different tutorials using eyeshadows for nail art. for more eyeshadow nail art tutorials, please subscribe to my channel on YOUTUBE @ robinmosesnailart and see what you can do with shadows! i have been using eyeshadows in my nail art for over 15 years and the eyeshadows i use range from wet and wild eyeshadow nail art to MAC reflects gold, MAC reflects silver, etc in nail art......using eyeshadow in nail art is so much fun. please join me in learning and making art and if you copy, please say 'inspired by robin moses' as its all i ask in return for all i teach!!!

1. Where do you get foil glue? is that the name of it? I've been to my beauty supply store and they don't have it, I even tried looking on ebay and nothing.
2. The pigments you talk about on your video, is that eyeshadow pigments? will the foil glue work with glitter?

(to question number 1)--i get my foil glue on ebay, but i live in a very small town. i know that wherever they sell nail art foil (that comes in long strips) they will have the adhesive. also, you can go to a craftstore and ask an attendant if they have a glue that dries and stays tacky....... i have found one once from a craft store but i dont remember the name. when i do, i will certainly put it out there.....

(to question number 2) yes!!!!!!!!!!!! what i want to do is show girls how to use their eyeshadow for their nail polish and have them match perfectly.....when you topcoat pigments, they shrink. the more metal in the pigment, the more cracking..........HOWEVER....if you apply it sparingly and then wait and allow the design to "relax" it goes back to normal...if you have glitter caked on, it turns into a big old mess, thats why your glue has to be really thin and very dry...just a very thin layers that wont "bunch up"....and YES.. you can use glitter!!!! what i would do test each one out...put the glue and topcoat on yourself and see how they act before using it on a client...some pigments just dont work well, however...the ones that DO ...are stunning and worth the effort.

if you cannot find the foil glue.......while the nail is a tiny bit tacky you can sweep some pigment on...just so your nails can also use water......but you cant get too concentrated of a pigment or it really bunches up.......

and lastly........but not if you cannot find anything.........your pigments just arent working...........and you want to learn another way.....i am going to show you how to do all of this stuff with almost the same results with paint......BUT

RIGHT NOW........(JUST RIGHT NOW  HAHAHAAHAHAH) i am in love with pigments......99% of my art is with paint....i just happened to start doing tutorials as i experimented with, i only have 20 videos up right now.....but i will have 100's.. maybe 1000's and i will have SO many techniques to show you guys how to get certain effects....

so, good luck on finding glue! good luck with working with pigments (it sounds way scarier than what it really is......the cracking is minor, i just dont want you to scream when it happens!!!) hahahahahahah and i hope this answers everything! have a wonderful day!!!!



  1. Thank you sooo much!!! definitely answered all my questions!.... but sorry one more... a new one =0P
    The foil nail glue is not called that, but it's the glue that come with the foil art that you use?

  2. okay..the foil glue i use is called "foil glue" and i buy it online...however, it is also called "nail foil adhesive" "nail art adhesive" and "foil adhesive"

    try all of those is hard to find. MY suppliers supplier is out a lot...but a bottle lasts forever...

    my suppliers name on ebay is called "papi" and they usually carry it and you can usually find it, but i think right now it is out of stock, but try the other searches and maybe one will come up..its a pain, but worth it...a bottle will last a year....keep it closed tight and in a cool place so it doesnt dry up....if it does, it doesnt work AT ALL.....good luck!!!!

    i WISH there was a name brand i could guide you to...i really do..maybe i can become famous and make one some day ;) ;) hahahahaha xoxoxo

  3. UPDATE: That was so last year!

    Isn't it true you are loving the BEST GLUE EVER by ScraPerfect for your foiling and pigments? (

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