Friday, December 3, 2010

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nautical stars
steampunk clock gears
gold grill

leopard print with pigments. (this design is done with eyeshadow) i started using eyeshadows in nail designs in about 1997. they served to gradiate colors in a soft way where the topcoat would crackle just enough to give them dimension. the tutorial for this design is here:

tutorial for using mac eyeshadow for nail art design

and if you would like to see more nails done with eyeshadow just google: robin moses mac pigment tutorial. all tutorials i have done using "pigments" mean i am using "eyeshadows" there are 100000 different shadows you can use. please SUBSCRIBE to my channel from or see robinmosesnailart on YOUTUBE and see my new tutorials every monday, wednesday and friday! thanks and my love to you!
pink and black party nails

in the pink and black party nails i am using eyeshadow in nail art. here, i used "inaz glam rock" eyeshadow pigment to really pop this nailart!!!

the tutorial for this eyeshadow for nails is right here

tutorial for how to use eye shadow for nail art (eyeshadow nailart)

pirates and skulls
swirl blue silver
animal stripes with stars
special occasion red
cabo san lucas sunset
whip my nails