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Hi Robin. It's me again. Lol...I have been watching all ur YouTube videos :-) can't wait for the flowers and Ed hardy designs.. I do have a question ur 1 video u talk about using pigments. Aka eyeshadow powders. Now how do I make the shadow to adhere to my nail? Is it hard to remove?
I have also seen ur tutorial on art brushes and cutting them. I have a stripper brush I bought at sally's. (3pk cost 17.00) I'm afraid to cut them cuz they cost so much. But my stripper brush just goes flat now. Is the brush bad? It's flattened only when I load it. Even if it's a lil it still flattens out :(. Idk y.
Oh and btw
All ur tips and tricks. The sharing u do is sooo awesome..

hi sandy!

it is not hard to get pigment off at all, just basic polish remover...but, getting it to adhere is tricky..

you can buy foil adhesive on ebay. nail art foiling adhesive, foil glue, foiling glue etc.
you can also go to the craft store and ask them to order foiling glue if they dont carry it
the other thing to note is that it should be thin and dry fast.....some foiling glues are for clothing and dry slowly. i have heard you can use "tacky" glue, but i have never used it. i have also heard you can use glycerine and water....i have not used that either.....i have used water and pigment mixed together but it must be very dry before topcoating...and here is the second

when you topcoat it might 'crinkle' there is a chemical reaction to some foils......however, if it should lay back down in about 5-10 minutes when the reaction is 'over' and then you topcoat with a second coat..............the reaction sucks.........some foils do it and you cant do anything about it..................however

howeverrrrrr....the ones who do work? ----look so frigging beautiful that it is worth practicing and learning how to use pigments or eyeshadows on nail art...also, you can match your nails to your eyeshadow perfectly and look very hot and subtle......i use pigment all of the time and each one i HAVE to test drive to see if it works.....

i hope this helps you!

as for the striping brush..........if it is real hair.....cut a few hairs off of the side (never the middle and cut them at the base...never half way down............just 'thin it out'...if it is still flat, its dead...if it comes back to life, yay!!!! synthetic hair stripers suck..............and 17 for 3 sounds like synthetic...a good striper brush costs me about 20 bucks each....but? who knows? you might have gotten a deal!!!!! anyway, the one i bought last has lasted me at least 9, its worth it!! she is getting old though and i will miss her when she is gone!!! xoxooxoxxo

you are so welcome for the tips and thank you so much for the questions!!!..tell everyone you can and i will be so grateful back to you! i am only one voice and i cannot do this alone!!! xoxoxooxox


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