Thursday, February 2, 2012

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PUT A BIRD ON IT: portlandia inspired bird… 

  PUT A BIRD ON IT: 2 portlandia inspired f…


  1. I love the bird cage idea; it's so adorable. c:

  2. after browsing on here all day long, youve inspired me to try painting my nails. im usually a good painter. ive decided to try a peacock feather on my ring finger but found it to be difficult for some reason. it could just be that im my own worse critic. or just a perfectionist. i was wondering if you had any tutorials on how to paint a peacock feather or if you could do one and post it.

  3. @kerry, thank you so much :)

    clarice, just google: robin moses peacock and they will all come up. if you google my name with what you are looking for, it really is easy to find things. that is how i do it now because i have so many tutorials. i hope this helps you!

  4. The Portlandia reference is fantastic!(although it made me cringe a little when I realized how much stuff I have with birds on it)
    The bird cage is gorgeous!