Monday, February 6, 2012

A Blurb On Negativity. (how i see it)

what is ugly to one is what inspires another and i am giving all of this art for free. i am only asking you say "inspired by robin moses" for all i teach if you copy my work and spread the word to your friends. just four words. "inspired by robin moses" ---i actively want to see what everyone is painting and how everyone alters what i teach in the name of art....spinning fun while learning new techniques and spreading the word so i can reach my goals IS MY GOAL. in  my comment section i frown on anyone saying what they don't like and here is why....IT SCARES OTHERS....---ESPECIALLY YOUNG BEGINNERS---- into not trying at all....they automatically think everyone will hate what they try, if robin did it and it is 'hated' then WHY BOTHER?....----and that type of thinking is the OPPOSITE of my, even if you love all of my art and one really is shitty,  just skip over it please. that very design you think is crap could be what inspires our next picasso to START never know.

p.s. apologies for my grammar.