Friday, March 9, 2012

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PARTY GIRL VIP club nails! liquor bottle nail… 



  1. Hello Robin Mosis,

    You made another beautiful nailart.
    It's super beautiful espescialy the rozes!

    I've made a nother nail art and i'm inspiret by you're designs.. This time a zebra nail art.
    I hoop you'll check it out because i'm a little bit proud on the design that i made. :D

    Love Iris

  2. Omg the first one is hilarious! The party girl in me loves it haha!

  3. I took the liberty of trying my hand at one of your tutorials, though I couldn't find a blog post matching it, so I comment here. Here's my take on your Celtic cross and shamrock design:

  4. thank you guys so much :) the purple fairy, you did an exquisite job on the celtic cross! that is a very hard design to accomplish and you did wonderfully! and iris, your zebra print is amazing! i saw it all, your blog is wonderful. i cant believe you have the glue and everything! its so wonderful to see! my love to you guys..i am so glad you are trying them and showing me! xoxoxoxoxo very beautiful!

  5. wow great nails art I like It. Your nails describe nature. really amazing. and I also Like Your nail paint.
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  6. I love the roses design...i want to take that picture in to a nail place and i want to see if they can do that!! but im afraid they wont do it right :/ ha. is that airbrush or painted on?