Sunday, March 4, 2012

an update on nail art and life.

today is the 2 year anniversary of the passing of the man who got me going on making nail videos and marks the 12th day since my mother passed.

my mother.

i get excited to post another nail art video that i had planned and then i dont feel like doing anything, so i go back and forth. sometimes, i think....oh sure this is simple and then its not even simple to move or go to, who knows what this week will bring. i do know that a lot of my family and friends read this and message me here so i want to tell you guys that everything is okay. my mom has come to me as a hummingbird and a white butterfly since her passing. some might think this strange but to my family, they know what i mean. :D

so, i might post nail art, or i might just take the week matter what i will update my fanpage and view the art being shared there.

my fanpage

and hopefully this will all begin to ease soon and i can slowly saunter back into the grind and be 'business as usual' -----i will say this. i got some absolutely jaw dropping and fantastic news on the 23rd and i know my moms spirit is behind it. when it comes to fruition, you guys will be is so cool...i wish i could say everything i want, but until you have a 'contract' you can never say anything. part of life, i guess.

signed in triplicate with love and thanks for reading, caring and sharing your art with me,
robin Moses
(the nail art wizard PHD)