Wednesday, October 3, 2012

breast cancer awareness nail art, robin moses, pink ribbon nail art.

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this is from last october. i cannot believe that my mom has been gone for 7 months. i didnt even know she was sick when i made this video. in a 3 month gap we all learned of her sickness, watch it suck the life out of her and she was gone so quickly that it still hasnt sunk in. it has been a year full of tremendous highs and lows but this nail design means so much more to me this year than when i painted it. i saw it last night and cried. so, its going up, there needs to be a cure for this horrible disease.

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  1. Robin .. big big hug to you.
    My mother has been gone for a few years now and it still feels like it has not been that long.
    Let it out hon, it is good to smile when we think of the loved ones we have lost, it is good to laugh out loud about funny memories, but those tears need to come out too.
    Just thinking about the impact this disease had on so many of my family members, thinking about my mom and how badly I long for one more hug from her sometimes... there really needs to be found a cure, desperately.

    I am not very good in letting emotions out, not the bad ones anyway, I force myself sometimes, have been working on my own breast cancer awareness nail but it gives me the painter equivalent of writers block, so I will copy yours, and think of both our mothers when looking at it.

    *wipes tears away and mumbles something about strong onions*