Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Halloween Nail Art" "halloween nails" "cute halloween"



  1. Hi Robin i love your art and designs i watched every single video you made and they are awesome!! especially since you don´t cut them anymore there you can see how many fun you have while you work. and don´t be bothered if someone don´t like it when you say "ok" that often. i think every artist got a bad habbit;) i know what i´m talking about:)i paint too and you helped me alot to go on with my painting on canvas. i even tryed painting on nails since i watch your videos:) i love your dark and gothic art the most;) i can´t wait to see more. I´m so impressed the way you are. i really hope to hear from you. greetings from Germany Jessi

  2. the raven manicure is the best, love it :D