Monday, June 15, 2015

Neon Striped Nail Art Design Tutorial up!! Beat the heat with Cool Neon Stripes!

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Yesterday I saw a Yahoo page saying nude nails were the new 'in' thing. After a year of nail bashing (pun intended) and the extreme lengths they are going to make our industry sound insane, the trends come and go but the truth is...........some people do not have pretty hands and extensions make you say..."wow"..........some people dont have lots of friends and so when they come in and you really love them, you say....'wow' this is MORE than just nails. It transcends art, it transcends what color is popular. Its this 'place' we can all go to get away from everything, create something that screams what our personality is and who we are and we wear it proudly for how ever many days we do until we feel the need to express ourselves. NEVER in my career have I had anyone say "nude nails are in style, take mine off and im going to rock this "natural" look' after spending any time at a nail shop whatsoever. What a good nail salon provides is a friendly base of people you can relax with, get to know, laugh with, talk your troubles with.........a place to get away and still do something productive because when you leave you are glossy and full of confidence. Not everyone was born with beautiful hands, but they are all born one of a kind and with a heart and soul and a need to feel appreciated and pretty and thats what make up, clothing, nails, perfume, and so many other things provide us in our maybe Yahoo needs a good story and they put one naked hand of a thin model up with no polish and for a brief second I might, that is pretty..............but then i come to my senses and say........but what I do is prettier. ;D hahahahahhahaha *GLITTER ON, YOU CRAZY NAIL PAINTING SNOWFLAKES!!!!*

The Nail Art wizard Ph.D

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