Monday, June 1, 2015

Up for Monday; Hot Pink no water marble nail art design that will POP with your new tan! haha! xoxo

Nail Art Tutorial | DIY Marble Nails | Hot Pink Nail with No Water Needed Nail Design

I was so scared I wouldnt get this up in time! I had such a nice weekend in portland with my daughter! I drove home as fast as I could and worked to get this out today! haha! (eek!) #ocdtakesoversometimes :D But, I have fun with this job, so I am just happy it got finished!

In my hot playlist on youtube, you will find tons of no water marbling designs. It is a technique that once perfected is so much fun. I try and make a lot of them because its very difficult to teach on film and I feel like I teach a little more each angle I can get on the camera. Please have fun and practice them! I have a "how to practice" this technique in the "hey robin" playlist on the bottom of my youtube page :D My love and thanks to everyone supporting me, sharing my work and having a greta time learning and creating art!!! (More pics from the cute playlist and the hot playlist below!

 Hot Nail Art Playlist | Easy Nail Art Tutorials | Fierce Nail Design Ideas for beginners to Advanced Nail Techs!

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