Monday, July 20, 2015

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Giveaway Winners and a thank you for the MintMani Project.

I want to just take a second to say thank you to everyone involved and helped this family tour and make children with cancer smile. They work tirelessly around the U.S. painting beautiful faces with makeup donated by Covergirl to children with cancer. They make them feel glamorous and special while supporting what their daughters wishes were.... They do this with extreme courage and dedication that I never saw before and I am honored to know them. If every year we can all boost up companies giving us polish to go with all the wonderful makeup, we can make a difference because through persistence and keeping awareness lit to the cause, a cure can be found and children will not suffer this horrible disease. I just wanted to thank the person who donated the Christian Louboutin Nail polish this year as well............Doing that made me so happy because its just so lush and it made me happy to think of little girls getting that experience. Until next year..............keep swimming! I will be behind the scenes on this for the year, but I will join back in Mid-June and proceed through mid july for next year...So set aside your polishes you bought and never used and keep them for me!


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