Friday, July 24, 2015

Neon Rainbow Nails done with No-water marbling! Gorgeous Summer Swirl Nail Art!

Nail Art! Rainbow Marble Nails - No water needed! Design Tutorial

 Here is a swarm of no water marbling nails that are sure to catch attention and make you smile! combine your favorite colors and swirl them all together to match all of your favorite outfits, holidays, whims, fancies and wishes!!! Have fun painting your nails! in the playlists below are tons of no-water marbling ideas and techniques to learn and perfect on my youtube channel!

Hot Nails! | Playlist | Simple DIY Nail Art Tutorials | Amazing Nail Design Ideas for beginners to Advanced Nail Techs!

CUTE Nails | Cute Nail Playlist | Cutest DIY Nail Designs & Nail Art for beginners to Advanced Nail Techs!!


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