Friday, October 21, 2016

Creepypasta Nails | The puppeteer and Masky Nail Art Design Tutorial

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CREEPYPASTA Halloweens favorite horror stories and nightmares come to life is now a nail design! I will call this number #1 as I have others I am editing but this is the Puppeteer and Masky. The story is on Youtube but basically its a scary story that have gotten me MANY nail art requests for halloween! I hope you like them and dont be scared to try them! Just take it one step at a time, rewind and have faith that others will love it. This nail design can be for beginners who want to learn hand painted spooky and terrifying nail art designs or a craft nails for professional nail techs who want to boost their careers through the education of hand painting in any genre of nails. Learn to paint on friends and family or share these as an instructor of a nail schools to excel and understand today and the market of nail art in shops and are  wanting to give their students the best full length lessons with online nail art tutorials that will allow them to create success  in the beauty industry that will allow them to support themselves while having fun and finding joy for themselves and others.

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