Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Mirror Pigment Nail Art on Polish Design | Halloween Chrome Nails that dont ...

Subscribe to my channel here:  Want a mirror nails tutorial on polish that will LAST 3 weeks and won't crack on your clients? look here! Have your clients been back in the salon the next day with their chrome pigment chipped off completely? Do your mirror nails keep chipping, polish peeling off almost immediately? is my first non-fail mirror pigment on polish when it comes to durability.... In this Nail Design I am doing nail art with chrome mirror pigments on POLISH that really do last over 3 weeks. After months of testing, here is one of the first of my findings that work! Using Dazzledry flat polish that dries solid in 6 minutes, i can use a generic mirror chrome pigment off of ebay that cost me 1.77 to do the nail art with a no wipe gel ( by elite99 for about 5.00 on ebay) and then topcoat with Dazzledry topcoat for a true chrome effect without any cracking or pigment sticking on the polish where you dont want it! Way less fall out, plus your art will last and come off easily when taking off polish. If you are a tech and are experiencing problems with cracking but do not want to use gel polish as your base, try this application. It performed great and evil client was happy. After 3  weeks it was a tiny bit distressed but still had a full mirrored chrome shine. For those who have no UV nail light, I am working tirelessly to come up with an alternative that lasts but it is proving to be difficult because of the chemical reactions but im not giving up. There are variations I am doing that look stunning but still shrink, crack and do what pigments do.


Robin Moses

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