Monday, February 13, 2017

Black Valentine Nails | Holo Heart Nail Art Design Tutorial

Black Valentine's day nails laced with holo hearts. The perfect anti-valentine or the perfect elegant as heck Valentine's day nail design! I use black wet n wild polish with a french pink and holo glitter in silver. A perfect combination. I use silver folk art craft paint to finish this VERY inexpensive and stunning design that is for any time of the year. I am going to put it in my halloween and the valentine playlist and maybe link you to the elegant playlist because this fits so well. I am having so much fun doing this. In this video, I kind of go into detail about some things I have found annoying about myself and my channel. That if I had help or better equipment or someone who knew what they were doing, I could save so much embarrassment on all of the fails I have made on my videos. But I see it like this.....I fail, so if you fail doing hand painted nail art, its OKAY...I know you can learn this with practice and that gives me the patience to know I can learn how to bring it to you the best I can. Other bigger channels have taken so much of what I have done and done it beter now and I spent a lot of time feeling sad, resentful, i was in mourning from so much loss and I had some breakdowns...But, I am here to say that I am okay, that I am doing GREAT and that now I just focus on being me and knowing that my laughter is real and i FEEL IT AGAIN means more than anyone could ever put me down. So THANK YOU for your support of me, to each viewer. Those I know and those who only come out once in awhile, thank you so much. You guys make this fun...and while its fun, I will never stop. Thank you also for getting me through the hardest time in my life. I will be doing my giveaway tomorrow and am having my daughter reading and looking at everyones posts now!!!! Good luck for tomorrow and my love to you!

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