Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blood Red Valentine's Day Nails | Dark Red Glitter Hearts Nail Art Desig...

Hello! Here is an extra Valentine's day nail art design (excuse my
lighting, it is now fixed) because I love you guys! im sharing it today
as a thank you and I hope you try them...This nail design is truly
beautiful in person and I love this nail art design for valentine's day!
It is and evil, gothic dark blood red polish with hearts that drip down
like a heart lava lamp, or chocolate, or bloody goth anti-valentine's
day yumminess or whatever your HEART desires! haha! Topped with that
absolutely amazingly stunning dark red glitter to DIE FOR from
wildflowernails.com (my favorite red glitter now) it truly is death by
chocolate! I figured I would share this today because of all you do to
make me feel loved all year long. Also, I kinda just jammed some basic
foil from the scrapbook store on the tips to give it a torn candy
wrapper look that just WOULD NOT FILM in the right color and it kept
glaring so you couldn't ever really SEE it. I have a new light and a new
attitude so let's keep going! :D I know the light sucks and my
apologies so any mean comments will be erased! I Always topcoat with
Dazzledry and links to everything else below or in the video! please
share this with someone who wants to learn and help me find artists who
need a mentor and love to be creative

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